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AUPP Architecture Class Project

AUPP architecture class is implementing a major-related project within a course called Building Control Systems I. This course is about understanding interior requirements for human comfort within living or working space. It includes topics like basic building typology, human space dimensions, air quality, heat comfort, pipelines, HVAC, and wires design.

Prior to Building Control Systems design, students need to understand space where all the system elements will be designed. Therefore, they are asked to design the smallest studio apartment 6x6m which represent the smallest dimension in which one does not need to use retractable or adjustable furniture. Students had to draw their own designs individually as an assignment and then they got 30-45 min of group work where they all have to come up with a single 6x6m fully furnished apartment design. During the pictured class, students already did their sketch and they are visualizing their design on the real scale 1:1, thus they are learning to understand the real dimensions and scaled dimensions as they are literary walking on their own project. It’s like working on a real size project just with a tape.

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