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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General Overview Of AUPP

Excellence and comparative value make AUPP unique compared to other universities in Cambodia.

  • The only university in Cambodia that provides American style education in a state-of-the-art campus with modern facilities to promote students’ academic life and personal development.
  • Dual Degree options to University of Arizona and Fort Hayes State University in select majors—study locally and graduate with a degree from a U.S. institution, at special AUPP tuition rates (when compared to U.S. tuition).
  • The majority of AUPP faculty hold doctoral degrees in their field and many are highly experienced in teaching at university in the U.S. and around the world.
  • Our two-year general education curriculum is recognized by many universities. Much like the students in the US, AUPP students engage in a general education program consisting of courses that increase the well-roundedness of our students. These courses are likely to be recognized across the US, regardless of the students’ majors, due to the similarities in general education practices and may be helpful in facilitating student transfers to complete an undergraduate degree in the U.S., Europe, and elsewhere.

Upon graduation, many students successfully apply to postgraduate (Masters and Doctoral) programs in universities around the world, or are employed by good companies with strong salaries, or are ready to start their own businesses.

Dual vs Single Degrees

The differences between Single and Dual degrees include:

  • Degrees: Students enrolled in the Dual degree program will receive two degrees upon graduation. One of the degrees is from American University of Phnom Penh (AUPP) and the other degree is from our partner university (University of Arizona [UA] or Fort Hays State University [FHSU]). Both degrees have the same level of recognition.
  • Tuition fees: A Dual degree program costs $9,000 per year while Single degree costs $6,000 per year.
  • Our Dual Degree programs of study are:
    • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (with University of Arizona)
    • Bachelor of Arts in Law (with University of Arizona)
    • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Management (with Fort Hays State University)

Once enrolled into the UA or FHSU dual degree program, AUPP students have the same status as UA or FHSU students.

Dual degree students have access to:

  • Study resources: Students who are enrolled and admitted into our dual degree programs have access to the same support services as any other student enrolled at the partner university (UA or FHSU). These include e-library resources, academic and career counseling, student information and records, and all other student activities.
  • Transfer credits and exchanges: UA and FSHU both offer exchange programs for one or more semesters, with credits earned transferred automatically to AUPP. Students also have the option to study at AUPP for the first two years and then finish their degree at UA or FHSU in the U.S., and all their credits earned at AUPP will be fully transferred.

Upon graduation, dual degree students are well prepared to take up new challenges.

  • At graduation, dual degree students have the option to attend graduation ceremonies and receive their degrees at UA or FHSU campuses and walk with other graduates of UA and FHSU in the United States.
  • Both our UA and FHSU dual degrees are accredited by the Higher Learning commission (HLC) and are international degrees accepted in any country around the world. UA is one of the top universities in the U.S. and is widely recognized globally. With these degrees, students have no problem enrolling into post-graduate student for Master’s or Doctoral degrees.
Single (and dual) degree programs are nationally accredited under institutional accreditation (certificate). AUPP is currently preparing for accreditation renewal. 

English Placement Test

Yes. It is a school policy that all prospective students must meet the English Placement Test (EPT) requirement. AUPP conducts a free EPT to satisfy the English proficiency requirement for admission. For more information, please visit: AUPP English Placement Test – AUPP – American University of Phnom Penh.

Alternatively, the EPT may be waived if you can provide proof of English level proficiency via a score of 6.0 or higher on IELTS or 79 or higher on TOEFL to be eligible to enroll in Year 1 at AUPP.  If your EPT is waived, you will be required to submit an Elevator Pitch video.  To  learn more, visit: Admission Criteria Page


Our English Preparatory Program (EPP) prepares students who do not meet the English Placement score requirements for future enrollment at AUPP.

After taking the English Placement Test, the results will indicate the level of the student’ English skills. There are Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, or Collegiate level.

  • If the students’ results indicate that they are at Level 2, they may be required to take at least three semesters of our English Preparatory Program (EPP).
  • If the students are at Level 3, they may be required to take at least two semesters of EPP.
  • If the students are at Level 4, they must take at least one semester of EPP.
  • If the students are at the Collegiate level, they can enroll in Year 1 directly.

Each semester is 4 months long and there are three semesters within one year.

At every level, students must pass a standardized exam to go to the next level. Students may skip a level depending on their English skills and with a recommendation from their faculty.

*Note: Your study at each Level of EPP is equivalent to the study at Australian Center of Education (ACE) for one year. In addition, our EPP faculty are specifically trained and certified to teach at the university level.

General Education Curriculum

AUPP was established with the assistance of faculty members from different universities in the U.S. They drafted the curriculum of AUPP based on the U.S. education standard which is divided into two phases:  General Education (1-2 years, depending on the program of study) and Major (at least 2 years). Our General Education program is recognized by the Higher Learning Commission (HCL) via UA and FHSU. General Education courses provide students with a sound foundation in math, the scientific method, ethics, English composition, literature, history and the humanities. For specific details, please check our programs: Bachelors Programs Page.

All students are also required to complete an Internship in the summer of Year 3 of their program of study. See Internships Section .


AUPP offers two kinds of programs – Dual Degree and Single Degree. Dual degrees are offered through our partner institutions, University of Arizona (UA) and Fort Hays State University (FHSU). Currently, we offer the following major programs of study:

Dual Degree programs:

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (with University of Arizona)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Law (with University of Arizona)
  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Management (with Fort Hays State University)

Single Degree programs (AUPP degree only):

  • Bachelor of Science in Business
  • Bachelor of Science in Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Law
  • Bachelor of Arts in Global Affairs

The Business program focuses on main areas of the business, including management, human resources, marketing, and accounting and finance. It provides a deep understanding of how a company or business operates. The program prepares students to be staff and management at companies, organizations, or public institutions. 

The Global Affairs program focuses on main areas of diplomacy and foreign policy, political theory, international political economy, international organization, research methods and design. The Global Affairs major is the combination between political science and international relations majors. This major is suitable for those who want to work in companies, non-governmental organizations, universities, embassies, public institutions such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as international organizations.

It depends on what the student’s preference is. ICT is a single degree program where graduates will develop the ability to manage and lead the computer-based information systems. In this digital age, graduates who specialize in IT can work everywhere. For example, they can work in telecommunications, network, and IT fields. For ITM, students will be able to learn about programming languages such as Java, C++, Python and so on. Students will be able to work as IT specialists and management, network specialists and management, website designers and management, and so on.

In the Law program, the main focus is on Cambodian law, U.S. law, and international law. Students need to take the exam and do additional studies for 1 to 2 years to be a prosecutor, lawyer, and judge in Cambodia as required by the Government.


Students are required to do internship in Year 3 to gain practical experience in their field and apply what they have learnt in classes. If students need help with internship placement, our Student Affairs Coordinator will provide support and consultation for the students. Internships are supervised by faculty members to support students throughout the process.

Student Academic Life & Personal Development

AUPP roughly follows the American academic calendar, with a Fall semester (mid-August to late December), a Spring semester (mid-January to early May) and two 6-week Summer terms (May-June, July-August). Full-time students usually take 5 courses per semester. Summer term courses are optional, and students may take no more than two courses per Summer term.

On average, students need to study 3 hours per day in class depending on their schedule from Monday to Friday and another 4.5 hours of self-study. Normally, students spend their self-study time completing assignments, doing the readings, and discussing group projects together.

There are 25 student-led club activities. We have sports clubs such as football, badminton, tennis and basketball within the university campus compound. Clubs such as debate club, media, Chinese, and photography clubs, usually meet once a week. AUPP encourages students to do volunteer work to contribute to the community, and the Center for Student Initiatives (CSI) often makes such opportunities available to students. Students can also receive credit for their extracurricular activities.

Many students spend their extra time doing voluntary work or internships to gain hands-on experience as well as enhance their leadership skills. Some students may form a team to participate in different kinds of competitions, for example, business competitions, law competitions, debates, and so on. Students can also serve on Student Government, join Model UN or Model ASEAN, help plan the annual Khmer New Year Party, become a Peer Tutor in the Learning Center, or attend a one of the many activities hosted by the Center for Southeast Asian Studies throughout the year.

Career Opportunities & Graduate Study

Our graduates start their own businesses,  or become employed in different companies, organizations, public institutions, and ministries. Others decide to pursue their postgraduate education abroad.

AUPP provides guidance for students and alumni to be successful in their career path. Since AUPP produces qualified graduates, many companies, organizations, and public institutions recruit our students. The feedback we got is that our students are very capable and talented.

Yes, definitely! Many of our alumni are currently pursuing or have successfully completed their Master’s, Juris Doctor (JD), and PhD degrees in the US, Australia, England and other universities.

Transfer Credits

AUPP transcript and course credits are recognized by UA and FHSU, which are universities in the U.S. accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). Based on this, the U.S. universities that recognize UA’s and FHSU’s transcripts and course credits also recognize AUPP’s transcript and course credits. In some instances, students may be required to study additional courses – depending on the university or the majors they pursue.

It depends on the university requirements in the commonwealth education system because our system is based on the American curriculum. We suggest that students research the programs offered by the university they want to transfer to. Students may compare the courses in the program with AUPP’s program. From our experience, similar courses are more likely to be transferred.

Tuition & Payment

The tuition fees for Dual degree program costs $9,000 per year and the Single degree program costs $6,000 per year. Students pay tuition fees prior to the start of each semester.

Yes, we accept full tuition payments before the academic year.

Yes. If you are in a difficult financial situation, you may request our Management for a payment plan in installments.

Yes. If you are in a difficult financial situation and do not have the ability to pay, you may request Management and apply for an education loan without interest during your study. The Management will decide on the payback schedule of the loan, on 50% of your income from the time students have their first salary.

Yes, we do. For siblings who enroll in AUPP, there is a 10% credit for the second child as long as the elder is still studying here.

To learn more a about tuition fees and payments, please visit: Tuition Page


We do provide scholarships for students who obtained Grades A or B on their National Examinations each year. There are two types of scholarship – merit and full scholarships. Merit scholarships are for students who obtained Grades A or B on their National Examinations. Full scholarships are for students who obtained Grades A on their National Examinations but are in financial need.

Scholarships are given to deserving students who need financial aid.  Scholarships are awarded based on academic achievements, discerned potential, and socioeconomic status of the student’s family.

For a merit scholarship, you need to complete our online scholarship application form (available on our website) and submit your grades 10, 11, and 12 transcripts, and your high school diploma (if you have not received that yet, please submit your academic recommendation letter instead). To be eligible for the merit scholarship, you will need to get Grade A or Grade B on the National Examination. Those documents can be sent to [email protected].

There are several steps you need to do to apply for the full scholarship at AUPP:

  • Fill in the online application
  • Submit required documents for full scholarship including:
    • Grade report: 10, 11, 12
    • 2 Personal Statements

Full scholarship form which can be downloaded from our website. To be eligible for a full scholarship, you will need to get Grade A on your National Examination. Those documents can be sent to [email protected]

There are a few differences:

Full ScholarshipMerit Scholarship
Duration: 4 years for single degrees onlyDuration: 4 years for single degrees only
Percentage: 100%Percentage: Grade A: 50%; Grade B: 30%
Eligibility: Grade A in National ExamEligibility: Grade A & B in National Exam
Full Scholarship (Dual degree programs)Merit Scholarship (Dual degree programs)
Duration: 2 years (Year 1 and Year 2) for Dual Degrees – 100%Duration: 2 years (Year 1 and Year 2) for Dual Degrees – Grade A 50%; Grade B: 30%
Note: Year 3 and Year 4 for Dual Degrees – No scholarship.Note: Year 3 and Year 4 for Dual Degrees – No scholarship.
Eligibility: Grade A in National ExamEligibility: Grade A & B in National Exam

To know more about our scholarships, please visit:  AUPP Scholarships Page

Application Process

You may find information on the application process, requirements, and criteria here:  AUPP Scholarships

AUPP’s Excellence And Value

If your family is rich and able to support you to study abroad, you may have a choice of whether to study in Cambodia or go abroad. But if your family has financial limitations and you have many siblings, you may consider studying at AUPP for some reasons:

  • Studying at AUPP for 4 years, you will spend a maximum of $36,000. This means it is less than the amount you spend studying abroad for only 1 year.
  • Instead of studying undergraduate degree abroad, you pursue your master’s degree abroad for 1 or 2 years upon graduation from AUPP and able to save some money.
  • Instead of studying undergraduate degree abroad, your parents can finance your other siblings as well.
  • Upon high school graduation, you are still young and there is a high risk for you to stay alone.
  • During 4 years of studying in Cambodia, you may gain good knowledge of Cambodian society, culture, networks, which will make you more successful when you start working.

The difference is tremendous:

  • The knowledge you can gain from spending 4 years at AUPP is different from the knowledge you get from local universities.
  • The English language cannot be compared since your education at AUPP is purely conducted in English. In our globalized world, English is used everywhere especially at workplaces, in meetings and conferences, and for other communication purposes.
  • You can easily obtain scholarships or apply for postgraduate education in other universities around the world.
  • Upon your graduation, you can easily find a job and get good salary.