Bachelor of Arts in Architecture (Teach Out)

Program Description

IMPORTANT NOTICE: AUPP is not accepting new applicants for the Architecture program.

The Bachelor of Arts in Architecture is a single AUPP degree.  The program provides theory and practical skills for a new generation of architects with the goal of leadership in shaping our future living environment. The program prepares graduates for success in the architecture world. Students design structures using principles and concepts of historical and modern architecture.

They develop skills in using new digital tools and innovative strategies in architectural and urban design and adopt an ecological approach to design sustainable buildings and cities of the future. The graduates are expected to be able to navigate the demands of the profession and the dynamism and challenges presented by the ever-changing environment. This is a five-year program. 

Career Opportunities

The Bachelor of Arts in Architecture Program offers a diverse range of job opportunities. Graduates are likely to pursue any number of different opportunities over the course of a career including but not limited to architect, design-builder, real estate developer, interior designer, building surveyor, landscape architect, product or furniture designer, graphic or website designer, computer modeler, building science researcher, policy maker, historic preservationist, city planner, international graduate student, and higher education lecturer.

Bachelor of Arts, Architecture

Program Structure Required Total Credits (151)
General Education 31
Architecture Major 105
Electives  15

General Education (Required: 31 credits)

Students are required to complete the General Equation courses listed below.

Architecture Major (Required: 105 credits)

Electives (Required: 15 credits)