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Bachelor of Arts in Architecture (Teach Out)

Program Description

IMPORTANT NOTICE: AUPP is not accepting new applicants for the Architecture program.

The Bachelor of Arts in Architecture is a single AUPP degree. The program provides theory and practical skills for a new generation of architects with the goal of leadership in shaping our future living environment. The program prepares graduates for success in the architecture world. Students design structures using principles and concepts of historical and modern architecture.

They develop skills in using new digital tools and innovative strategies in architectural and urban design and adopt an ecological approach to design sustainable buildings and cities of the future. The graduates are expected to be able to navigate the demands of the profession and the dynamism and challenges presented by the ever-changing environment. This is a five-year program.

Career Opportunities

The Bachelor of Arts in Architecture Program offers a diverse range of job opportunities. Graduates are likely to pursue any number of different opportunities over the course of a career including but not limited to architect, design-builder, real estate developer, interior designer, building surveyor, landscape architect, product or furniture designer, graphic or website designer, computer modeler, building science researcher, policy maker, historic preservationist, city planner, international graduate student, and higher education lecturer.

Bachelor of Arts, Architecture

Program Structure
Required Total Credits (151)
General Education
Architecture Major

Students are required to complete the General Equation courses listed below.

Course Code Course Name Credit
BUSN 200Introduction to Business Communication3
COMM 103Oral Communications3
ENGL 101English Composition I3
ENGL 102English Composition II3
GEOG 120World Regional Geography3
HIST 130World History to 1500 C.E.3
HIST 131World History 1500 C.E. to the present3
HUMN 101Introduction to the Humanities3
LEGL 230Environmental Law3
MATH 200Business Calculus3
SMNR 101First Year Seminar1
Course CodeCourse NameCredit
ADS 101Architectural Design studio I6
ADS 105Architectural Design Studio II6
ADS 107History and Theory of Architecture I3
ADS 201Architectural Design Studio III6
ADS 202Building Control Systems I3
ADS 205Architectural Design Studio IV6
ADS 206Building Materials and methodology I3
ADS 207History and Theory of Architecture II3
ADS 210Structure Principle I3
ADS 301Architectural Design studio V6
ADS 303Theory of Urban Design & Planning3
ADS 305Architectural Design Studio VI6
ADS 306Building Materials and methodology II3
ADS 310Structure Principle II3
ADS 401Architectural Design Studio VII6
ADS 402Building Control Systems II3
ADS 405Architectural Design Studio VIII6
ADS 488Internship I (Architecture)3
ADS 489Internship II (Architecture)3
ADS 501Advanced Architectural Design3
ART 210Drawing I3
GER 504Professional Practice3
Course CodeCourse NameCredit
ADS 211Interior Design3
ADS 302Digital Modeling and Stimulation3
ADS 311Structure Principle III3
ADS 404Green Design and Urban Planning3
ADS 408Architectural Construction3
GER 204Communication in Art/Design3
GER 212Entrepreneurship3
GER 314Building Information Modelling3
GER 504Professional Practice3
GER 510Universal Design3