The majority of our collegiate faculty at the American University of Phnom Penh hold Ph.D. or other terminal degrees from American or other Western university or equivalent professional qualifications and have university-level teaching experience. The faculty members have been trained in interactive and collaborative pedagogy that engage students in their own learning, thus making learning more useful and meaningful to the students. Our faculty members make teaching their first priority and are committed to helping students—starting in their freshman year—discover their talents, strengthen their abilities and become creative, innovative, and confident leaders. Our professors also serve as academic advisers who help students grow, learn, discover, and succeed.

Associate Professor, Information Technology Management

Assistant Professor, Information Technology Management

Associate Professor, Architecture

Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering and General Education

Adjunct Professor, Information Communication Technology

Associate Professor, Business

Professor, Law

Instructor, English Preparatory Program

Professor, Business

Professor, General Education

Adjunct Professor, Architecture

Professor and Department Chair, Global Affairs

Adjunct Professor, General Education

Instructor and Director, English Preparatory Program

Adjunct Professor, Law

Professor and Department Chair, Civil Engineering

Associate Professor and Department Chair, Law

Professor, Global Affairs

Associate Professor, General Education

Instructor, Information and Communications Technology

Adjunct Faculty, Law

Instructor, Business

Assistant Professor, Business

Director and Professor, Graduate English Program

Assistant Professor and Department Chair, Information...

Assistant Professor, Global Affairs

Adjunct Professor, Information Technology Management

Professor and Department Chair, Tourism and Hospitality Management

Adjunct Professor, Law

Adjunct Professor, Information Technology

Associate Professor and Department Chair, Architecture

Assistant Professor, General Education

Adjunct Professor, General Education

Associate Professor and Dean of Information Technology

Professor, Global Affairs and Director of Center of…

Instructor, English Preparatory Program

Associate Professor, Business

Assistant Professor and Department Chair, Business