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Admission Policies

Application Form

Applicants submit applications online at

Application Deadline

Deadline for applications are determined each semester by the Office of Registrar and Admissions.  Admission applications are accepted up to one day before the semester start date as published on the Academic Calendar.  Late admissions may be considered up to the end of the course add drop period.

Application Notification

Students receive an admission letter, via email.  Admission Committee deliberations are confidential and students denied admission will not receive an explanation of the Committee’s decision.

Application Materials

  • Materials required for application include:
  • Completed Application Form
  • Provisional High School Diploma
  • National Examination Score Report
  • Birth certificate or National ID card or Passport

Applicants must provide the original document.

Admission Criteria

The minimum requirements for admission to AUPP are evidence of a high school record and English proficiency as noted below:

1. High School Record

AUPP accepts passing scores on the Cambodian National Examination as evidence that an applicant has successfully completed high school.For students graduating from a high school that requires them to take the Cambodian National Examination:

  • A provisional high school diploma

For students graduating from Northbridge International School, the International School of Phnom Penh, the British International School of Phnom Penh, Logos International School, Home of English, Hope International School; CIA First International School, East West International School, East-West International School and ZAMAN International School.

  • A high school diploma

For students graduating from a high school outside of Cambodia or a school in Cambodia that does not require them to take the National Exam other than schools listed above.

  • A high school diploma certified by the Accreditation Committee of Cambodia

For students who have completed IGCSE and completed High School (Year 13 in the British system)

  • A grade of C or higher on five or more subjects, at least one of which is English or English as a Second Language.
  • An original IGCSE statement of results is accepted as evidence of successful completion of the subject tests. Results must be confirmed with official certificates when they are issued.

2. English Proficiency

One of the following scores is required for direct admission to Collegiate programs:

  • IELTS overall band 6.0 and above (Academic Module taken within two years of admission), or
  • TOEFL score equivalent

3. English Language Placement

Applicants who meet the minimum requirements listed above for admission will be admitted to AUPP undergraduate programs.  Applicants who do not meet the English proficiency requirements will complete an English language assessment administered by the University.  Based on the results of these assessments, admitted students will either enter the undergraduate programs, or they may be required to complete a semester or more of intensive preparatory English classes prior to progressing to the undergraduate program.  The preparatory English program is skills-based, and students in the program will be assessed at the end of their first semester to determine whether or not they have mastered the program outcomes to be able to proceed to the undergraduate program, or will need additional English preparation. It is recommended that applicants who have not previously taken a TOEFL or IELTS test should take the AUPP English language assessment as the cost is significantly lower than the TOEFL or IELTS.A non-refundable USD 15 fee for the English language assessment is paid before the testing.

4. International Baccalaureate (IB) Program

AUPP recognizes academic work completed under the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. Students who complete the requirements for an IB Diploma with scores of 5 or higher on standard and higher level examinations may be awarded up to a maximum of 30 units collegiate credit at AUPP.

Students who have not completed the requirements for an IB Diploma may only receive credit for scores of 5 or higher on higher level examinations. Credits are only awarded on the receipt of the original official International Baccalaureate transcript, and with the approval of the VPASA.

Once academic credit has been awarded, the VPASA, in consultation with the student and an academic advisor or the Admissions Office, will determine the equivalent AUPP courses to be credited.

5. Conditional Admission for Students Not Able to Submit All Application Materials

The following applicants may be conditionally admitted.

Students who are unable to submit all documents at the time of application may receive conditional admission.  Students who fail to submit missing materials within the first semester are required to meet with the VPASA for a determination for continuance at AUPP or withdrawal from the university.

6. Transfer Applicants

Transfer applicants must meet the same standards as entering first-year students. Transfer students must submit the same documentation as entering first-year students and must also submit additional material as below by the application deadline.

  • Name and address of all schools and colleges previously attended
  • Official transcripts of all work completed
  • A syllabus for each course completed for which transfer credit is being sought

Transfer credit for work completed at other universities will be limited to:

  • Courses completed with a grade of C or higher
  • Academic work similar to an AUPP course
  • A maximum of 60 credit hours