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Withdrawal from a Course

A student who withdraws from a course after the timeline permitted to drop a course and before the beginning of the eighth week of instruction in a semester will have a W shown on the transcript.

A student who withdraws from a course after the end of the eighth week of the semester will have a WF shown on the transcript, and a GPA penalty will arise.

In exceptional cases, with the approval of the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs, a student may be permitted to withdraw from a course after the eighth week and receive a W grade.

Students who stop attending a course without filing the Course Withdrawal form will receive a grade of FN (Failure for Non-Attendance) in the course.

Where courses are offered over a time period different from the normal semester, the time period for withdrawal may be adjusted accordingly and notified to the students taking such a course by the Registrar at registration.

Withdrawal from all Courses in a Semester/ Withdrawal from the University

Students may withdraw from all classes in a semester by completing and submitting the Withdrawal form (All courses), available from the Registrar. Approval requires written permission from of each faculty member and the VPASA. Students who withdraw from all courses are withdrawn from the University.

Administrative Withdrawal from the University

A student will be administratively withdrawn from AUPP when they do not fulfil the academic or financial requirements to maintain student status. Failure to register for courses or to file a leave of absence request within stated deadlines will result in a student being administratively withdrawn from AUPP. Students unable to register for classes because of overdue accounts will be administratively withdrawn.