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United States Universities Welcome Cambodian Students

The people of Cambodia are proud that universities in the United States have finally allowed the direct transfer of Cambodian students to their campuses.

This year, the University of Massachusetts, Lowell has admitted six students from American University of Phnom Penh (AUPP). The partnership between the two universities is accomplished through a 2+2 program. Cambodian students study at AUPP for two years and then are able to transfer directly to the American campus where they finish their last two years of study.

Dr. James West, Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs at AUPP, said it is because of the American Style education students receive in Phnom Penh that universities in the US are willing to accept Cambodian students.

AUPP provides opportunities for Cambodian students to get an excellent education without all of the associated overseas costs and without leaving home.  AUPP is also aiding Cambodian students by offering students loans of up to 60%, which are paid back when the student’s starts work after graduation, and over one hundred Trustees’ Scholarships.  AUPP is a nonprofit university which provides the highest quality, university education in Cambodia, and puts the future of its students and Cambodia before profit.

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