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“Tourism and Protected Areas” by Dr. Bene Agulto at AUPP

The American University of Phnom Penh (AUPP) warmly welcomed Dr. Bene Agulto to campus on October 26 as a guest speaker in a class in Environmental Tourism taught by Dr. Yin Soriya, a professor in the Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management (THM). The topic of Dr. Agulto’s presentation was “Tourism and Protected Areas”, as tourism can impact a community’s socio-economic development, serve as an incentive for conservation, and provide an alternative to less sustainable environmental activities.

Dr. Bene Agulto is a Sustainable Finance Specialist for the Coastal and Marine Program at Fauna & Flora International (FFI) – Cambodia. FFI was founded in 1903 and is a leading NGO that is based in the United Kingdom and works on projects worldwide. Its royal patron is Prince William. Dr. Agulto’s work at FFI engages local communities, government agencies, private sector businesses, and the tourism industry in structuring sustainable financing mechanisms for the effective management of Marine Protected Areas in Cambodia.

Prior to joining FFI, Dr. Agulto taught Communication and conducted research at universities in the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia. He completed his Ph.D. in Communication from the University of Queensland in 2009. Due to his passion for the marine environment, Dr. Bene recently completed an M.Sc. in Marine Conservation in France. AUPP would like to thank Dr. Bene for his time and support as well as his contribution to Cambodia’s tourism industry.

AUPP partners with Fort Hays State University in the USA to offer a dual degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management, an exciting career field with job opportunities in Cambodia and worldwide. THM students also learn the basic business knowledge and skills necessary to become managers, leaders, and entrepreneurs in the world’s largest service industry.

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