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Studying at AUPP Could Be a Life-Changing Choice!

Seng Rothsethamony, a senior student majoring in Global Affairs, has shared her insights on why Global Affairs is her choice at AUPP.
Read about her interview below: 

1. Why do you choose a Global major at AUPP?

After finishing high school, I was just lost as some of our high school graduates did not know where to pursue their bachelor’s degrees. I was granted a few scholarships and admission to different universities with different majors locally and internationally. However, I decided to study Global Affairs major at the American University in Phnom Penh because of my passion for International Relations and International Affairs, my interest in developing my interpersonal skills, and my commitment to illustrating Cambodia to the international stage. For instance, I could participate in several activities such as Global Goals Summit, Global Peace Summit, Model United Nations Meeting, Model ASEAN Meeting, and several other programs that I could apply to participate overseas and in Cambodia.

2. Tell us more about your AUPP academic experience?

At AUPP, I would say that I had an incredible experience with the support from all of my professors, academic advisors, and directors at AUPP. Amazingly, I could learn academically while doing other activities such as volunteering, internship, and start-up.

3. What is your recommendation/advice for the recent high school graduates who want to choose Global Affairs?

I would highly recommend the recent high school graduates who want to choose Global Affairs major to talk to some of the senior students at AUPP, ask for information from the registration team, and learn to love the major you choose. Nothing is easy so that all major might have a hard time. However, please do not give up and remember why you chose this one. Also, once you decide, I would say AUPP could be a life-changing choice for pursuing this major in Cambodia because you will be surprised by how fast you could develop yourself here.

4. How does AUPP help you to succeed?

With the strong support from my beloved professors, academic advisors, student affairs director, seniors, and friends at AUPP, I could do more than just study in class. I would say that my professors are very supportive of applying for my exchange programs. At the same time, the student affairs director and my seniors support me to do voluntary work and internships.

5. Why should new students choose AUPP?

If you are a high school student who is now lost just like I did, please do not worry. It would help if you came to AUPP, took a tour, and asked our friendly registration team any questions you have in mind. After that, you can decide whether or not you want to study here. I am sure that most of the answers will be YES because of the supportive and professional professors, friendly and helpful registration team, and peaceful environment where you can study locally but live globally.

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