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Students Immerse Themselves in the “Arts and Culture” of Phnom Penh

Dr. Theresa deLangis, Professor of Humanities at AUPP, toured the city of Phnom Penh with her classes of “Art and Culture.” They visited many sights including Wat Phnom, the National Museum, the Royal University of Fine Arts (RUFA), SaSa Basaac Gallery, Independence Monument, the Van Nath Gallery at the Toul Sleng Museum, Wat Langka, Romeet Galley, and, finally, Meta House for a documentary.

The tour lasted the entire day on Thursday, July 23rd. Students observed and studied the various types of art and participated in meditation and cyclo tours.

Students’ opinions about the trip were positive. Some students stated that learning about the arts and culture of the city in class is interesting, but it can only be truly understood when immersing onerself in the culture. One student said, “I have traveled to these place many times, but I never realized how much was there I had not seen before. There is so much to see if you look hard enough.”

AUPP offers many opportunities for students and professors to not only learn new things, but experience them. The environment at AUPP facilitates growth and knowledge through communication between a diverse family of faculty, staff, and students.

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