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Student Working Opportunity

Student Affairs has a duty to ensure the improvement of student life on campus that covers all non-academic aspects like resident life, clubs, events, career development, and much more. Besides connecting students to the community partners, AUPP Student Affairs Department also provides a part-time employment for students, who are willing to develop both of their hard and soft skills. As part of professional learning and growth, students are able to work as assistants for the Learning Center, Center for Student Involvement, Library, Student Affairs, Marketing and more, to gain practical experiences outside of their class time. In return, students will also receive monetary benefit or gain credit for their work and contribution.

Currently, Student Affairs is looking for students who are interested to work as a part-time Student Affairs Program Assistant (SAPA).  The SAPA position is designed for a creative student interested in assisting with planning, developing and running Student Affairs programs, various activities and other initiatives. In addition, students can fully develop their hard skills through the design of flyers and posters, data entry inputs, file maintenance, as well as building networks with community partners in events and programs hosted by Student Affairs and the student body. 

To be qualified for the SAPA position, students are required to have solid knowledge in Google Drive, Microsoft Office and graphic design – poster and flyer design, have a high commitment in developing and running programs as well as being able to work independently. With this job opportunity, the student will explore more about Student Affairs duties and project management, gain excellent communications and leadership skills, as well as getting more opportunities to voice their concerns or suggestions to Student Affairs.

Students who are interested should fill out the Student Affairs Program Assistant application or email Rosa Ball, Career Advisor and Internship Coordinator: [email protected]

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