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Student Grievance

A student with a grievance should seek every opportunity to raise their concerns through speaking with University faculty, staff or management. These efforts should be made within two weeks of the grievance having first occurred.

If a student continues to feel aggrieved after raising their grievance, he or she may submit a written formal complaint to the Vice President of Academic Affairs (VPASA) either directly or through the Director of student Affairs in the form of a letter stating the grievance.

The grievance letter must include all essential information and be sent within two weeks of the student first raising their grievance orally. On receipt of a grievance letter the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs will commence an investigation.

Any grievance letter must be from the individual who feels aggrieved. If more than one student has the same grievance, they must submit separate letters.

The Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs conduct an investigation and determine a course of action on receipt of a grievance letter. The parties involved are informed of the procedure and the outcome of the investigation.

A complainant who may be dissatisfied with the outcome may appeal to the President. On receipt of an appeal, the President will review the matter and arrive at a decision. He will communicate the decision in writing. The President’s decision is final.