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Projects Presented by Ohio University & AUPP

It’s a wrap! We are very proud of both, Ohio University and AUPP students’ as they have concluded their collaboration on projects they’ve worked ceaselessly this semester for their Communications course. With over 3 months of planning, researching, implementing ideas, and working together in Phnom Penh for the past two weeks, students astoundingly presented their projects yesterday at AUPP’s Student Center. We applaud each and everyone of them for their hard work and dedication!

Each group uniquely conducted research, surveys, case studies, and created analysis to assist them in their projects. With this information, students were able to strategically create a future proposal for each organization that would benefit them in a positive way towards growth and expansion.

Below are a few highlights of each project:

  • ActionAid Safe Cities For Women:
    • The organization focuses on creating opportunities for women to speak out and be assisted to report and deal with cases of harassment and sexual violence, without being blamed.
    • Students conducted research specifically on women (sex workers, beer promoters, garment workers).
    • Students remained resilient, optimistic, and preserved with their project even when they experienced a few roadblocks along the way that permitted them to reach their goal as intended; however, they expressed profound lessons that will forever be embedded in their life.
  • Cambodian Living Arts (CLA):
    • Students conducted research and proposed that an increase philanthropic agenda of the CLA within Cambodia itself will benefit CLA by creating a platform that encourages local Cambodians and Cambodian Businesses to become involved with NGOs, especially in terms of donating towards a great cause.
    • Students recommended a partnership with AUPP in the near future to create a benefit concert that will promote the increased presence of both organizations in supporting education and the arts culture. This benefit concert will involve music, art, dance, and silent auctions.
    • Founder of CLA, Arn Chorn-Pond made an appearance to support and engage in student’s presentation.
  • Enrich Institute (Public Transportation)
    • Students conducted research on Cambodia’s current public transportation and the various reasons why it works and does not work for the current public transportation system.
    • Conducted research on successful public transportation systems: Malaysia, Thailand, and Philippines.
    • Students concluded and recommended that a Mini Bus System will work for Cambodia taking into the specific considerations such as safety, infrastructure, and efficiency.
  • Enrich Institute (Waste Management).
    • Students conducted research and implemented a survey where 99/100 agreed that waste management is an issue in Phnom Penh.
    • Students chose Wat Bo Primary School as the school for their case study research which is also known as one of the cleanest schools.
    • Students recommended a program for secondary school audience in Phnom Penh where students will be educated about environment, pollution, and how to decrease pollution and manage waste in Phnom Penh.
  • Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum:
    • Students had significant findings through research such as:
      • TSGM has no social media presence.
      • Limited education regarding genocide and low rate visitation from locals due to lack of funding. (10% visitors are locals)
      • A higher number of Cambodian students visiting from private school.
      • Limited clarification and information on exhibits at Tuol Sleng Museum (i.e., Library, Lotus Room, etc
    • Recommendation
      • Increase funding through talent show events for funding to provide towards public transportations for locals to visit Tuol Sleng Museum
      • Kiosk app that will create an interactive experience of the museum and to inform visitors on exhibits, etc.
  • Chip Mong Group (Cambodia Beer):
    • Students proposed a marketing campaign project to increase a social media presence for Cambodia Beer.
    • Social Media:
      • Creating a hashtag campaign, #TasteOfCool that will create an image for Cambodia Beer to drink responsibly, engage local artists to be part of the movement in creating a positive message.
      • Corporate Social Responsibility

On behalf of the faculty, staff, and students, we would like to thank Ohio University for collaborating with AUPP and traveling to Phnom Penh, Cambodia to be part of a successful event! This has been a humbling experience for everyone and we look forward to future collaborations.

Thank you Ohio University for organizing a luncheon for AUPP at Java Cafe. We would also like to thank Dr. Robert Stewart (OHU) and Dr. James West (AUPP) for organizing an invaluable opportunity for students this semester for their Communications Course! This will surely be one of the most memorable classes and moments in their lives! This wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication you both have for your students.

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