Meet with our Alumni, Tuon Sopheachanboramey (Boramey)!

Tuon Sopheachanboramey is a remarkable student and also one of the outstanding graduates of the class of 2020. Upon graduation, Boramey received a full scholarship to pursue her Master’s program majoring in Political Science at Northern Illinois University. She is currently working on the research proposals for her master’s thesis. Her research interest focuses on the “Cambodian Government’s Response to COVID-19 Pandemic”. She will be returning to Cambodia this summer to work on her paper.

“After I graduated from AUPP, I knew that I would pursue higher education. I am grateful to be accepted and offered a full scholarship and assistantship at Northern Illinois University. The lesson I learnt from AUPP has shaped my analytical skill, leadership skill, and research skill which are very necessary when applying for a scholarship abroad. In addition, AUPP’s curriculums and professors have assisted me in preparing for graduate studies. The American education system at AUPP has undoubtedly played one of the most prominent and important roles in this journey.”

Boramey has said that after graduating from NIU, she will get a job related to International Relations in the United States. However, her real goal is to come back to Cambodia and positively contribute to the development of the society.

Boramey stated that “Education plays a crucial role today, whether we want to climb up the corporate ladder or carve our niche in the academic as well as the business world. Higher education is particularly useful and helpful for training us to obtain higher-level of critical thinking and the like. This then leads me to think of one of the pieces of advice that I would give to students who intend to pursue graduate studies: that you will have some ups and downs. Still, as long as you keep your goal in mind and stay focused, you will continue to move forward.”

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