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Meet the Candidates for Student Government!

On Thursday, potential Student Government Council Members gave speeches to the AUPP student body to explain why they should be elected. To an audience of approximately 60 students, faculty, and staff, candidates gave 3-minute speeches followed by 3-minute question and answer periods with the student body.

During the past week, nearly 30 students were nominated by their classmates for student government positions. Of the nominees, 13 filed for candidacy and are running for 8 positions including President, Vice President, Treasurer, Academic Affairs Officer, Student Affairs Officer, First-Year Class Council Representative, Second-Year Class Council Representative and Third-Year Class Council Representative. Collectively referred to as the “Council,” each of these positions will allow students to gain leadership experience and represent the student body.

Throughout the past year, AUPP students have worked with faculty and staff to develop a student government leadership structure and constitution useful in advocating for student needs and enhancing University operations and functioning. Following next week’s elections, selected students will take office immediately and begin upholding the provisions in the constitution to benefit the student body and AUPP as a whole. Elections will be held Thursday, December 17, at which time students will have 24 hours to cast their vote for the candidates they believe would best represent the collective student body interests. Results will be announced Friday, December 18 by 5:00pm.

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