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AUPP welcomed Homeland Security attaché from the US Embassy give lecture to Arts and Culture classes’ students

AUPP had the incredible opportunity to host James Podboy, the US Department of Homeland Security attaché to the US Embassy in Phnom Penh, at our university for a session on art crime and the restoration of Cambodia’s looted artifacts. This engaging session was held as part of Prof. Joshua Wilwohl’s Arts & Culture Classes.

During his talk, Mr. Podboy delved into the fascinating world of art crimes, shedding light on the techniques of impression and manipulation employed by some notorious art sellers. He shared about famous artworks sold as fakes through skillful manipulation and the power of making a remarkable first impression. It was a true eye-opener for our students, revealing the intricate tricks used in the art market.

Furthermore, Mr. Podboy discussed the shocking reality of stolen artworks worth millions of dollars. His expertise and insights into this global issue provided an important perspective on the significance of safeguarding cultural heritage and the efforts being made to restore stolen artifacts to their rightful places.

We are immensely grateful to James Podboy for joining our lecture and sharing his valuable knowledge with our students. The session ignited a deep appreciation for the importance of art preservation and the role we can all play in protecting our cultural treasures.

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