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Diana J. Haladay, Ph.D.

Dr. Diana J. Haladay is a professor in the Business Department, with a Ph. D. in Human and Organizational Systems. She teaches courses in management, leadership, change management, human resources, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Dr. Diana brings over 20 years of academic and industry consulting experience. On the academic side, Dr. Diana believes that the most valuable education is student-centred and transformative. Since critical thinking and reflection are the keystones of these two approaches, she strives to create a dynamic, interactive classroom where a wide variety of learning opportunities, including case studies, challenge students to find their own voices and hone their critical thinking and reflective skills. Dr. Diana also believes that it is important for students to see themselves and their organizations as encompassing a universal system of stakeholders. Her hope is that her approach to teaching instils a life-long love of learning, resulting in a global mindset based on inclusiveness, critical thinking, and moral responsibility. Thus, when Dr. Diana was awarded the MBA Professor of the Year Award, at the Canadian University of Dubai, she felt honoured as it was a confirmation that she related to her students in a meaningful way.

As Vice President of Industry Consulting, Dr. Diana worked with CEOs of Fortune 500 companies to build high-performance organizations. As consultant at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Dr. Diana led the design of the first system-wide leadership development program for senior management and partnered with the Sloan School of Management on the delivery of the leadership training program. She also spearheaded a strategic three-year redesign effort for the implementation of world-class customer services and consulted with senior sales and marketing managers on the creation of high-end
products and services.

Finally, Dr. Diana was born to travel. She has visited and or worked in 70 countries so far and still plans on visiting the polar bears in the Arctic and the Penguins in Antarctica.

  • Ph.D. Human and Organizational Systems, Leadership Development concentration – Fielding Graduate University
  • M.A. Organizational Development – Fielding Graduate University
  • M.B.A. – Simmons College School of Management
  • B.S. Education, English concentration – Indiana State University