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Eagles of AUPP, Kol Chandalin

Introducing our latest Eagle of AUPP, Chandalin Kol!

Chandalin is a senior majoring in the dual degree in business administration at AUPP and the University of Arizona. Chandalin has been actively involved in various extracurricular activities since her first year, including AUPP Public Speaking Club, AUPP Business Club, and held leadership positions in the AUPP Student Government (SGA) 8th mandate.

Chandalin’s proudest achievement is winning first runner-up and the Best Report award in the CFA Research Challenge 5th season, where she overcame her initial hesitation towards finance and accounting.

Reflecting on her journey, Chandalin acknowledges the transformative impact of AUPP’s resources and opportunities. She expresses profound gratitude for the chance to grow personally, professionally, and academically within AUPP’s environment. Her experiences have expanded her knowledge and shaped her character, adaptability, and a passion for lifelong learning.

We are immensely proud to have her in our AUPP Community. Her accomplishments inspire us all to dare to dream, embrace challenges with unwavering determination, and strive for excellence in every endeavor.

Read about her exciting journey below:

1. Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Chandalin Kol. Currently, I’m a senior majoring in a dual degree program in business administration at AUPP and the University of Arizona. Time flies so fast. I remember that I just started my freshman year not long ago, and now I am already a senior. The journey at AUPP for me was like a bumpy road, but that is what led to where I am today.

In my freshman year, it was during the pandemic, so everything was online. Nonetheless, I joined the AUPP Public Speaking Club, and despite the fact that it was conducted online, I learned many valuable lessons to improve my speaking skills. Then, starting in my sophomore year, I became involved in extracurricular activities, such as being a member of the AUPP Business Club. Even though I did not win the club competition, my participation in the club earned me the opportunity to be the mentor for the AUPP Business Club’s next season. Along with that, I got the honor of being the co-leader of the AUPP Public Speaking Club, where I had the chance to share my experiences with my fellow members, who were very enthusiastic about wanting to develop their speaking skills. On top of that, I also got elected as a sophomore representative of the Student Government 8th mandate to represent the student body’s voice. Looking back, I’m so impressed with myself for being able to handle this workload. Moreover, in my junior year, I had the opportunity to be elected Vice President of the Student Government 8th mandate. I’d like to thank the previous vice president for trusting me and giving me the opportunity to fully develop

my leadership and soft skills and make new connections. Besides that, I also joined a CFA competition with my teammates to challenge ourselves and my team, and I learned significant financial and analytical skills that are crucial to my skill development and future career path. Therefore, in my senior year, aside from being an intern, I’m keenly looking forward to the opportunities and the impact that I’m going to make in the community.

Overall, these remarkable experiences have allowed me to grow personally, professionally, and academically. Hence, I’m so grateful to AUPP for contributing to my tremendous development thanks to your resources and opportunities.

2. Could you tell us about the achievement you are most proud of?

My utmost achievement, of which I’m really proud, is winning the 1st runner-up and best report team of the CFA Research Challenge 5th Season. The reason that encourages me to join the competition is that during the fall 2022 semester, most courses focused on finance and accounting subjects. Before, finance and accounting were the subjects that I tended to avoid; however, after studying those courses, it helped enhance my interest in that field, as the more I learned about it, the more I found it interesting. Therefore, to expand my knowledge on finance, I decided to participate in the CFA research challenge, in which my team and I did an equity research analysis on PPSEZ, and I learned lots of new skills from that competition, especially in analytical thinking and risk analysis. Besides that, never in my million dreams did I think I would be able to win that prize. People may not believe it, but for me and my four other amazing teammates (Sivmean, Jenny, Brasna, and Fech), our knowledge of finance analysis is very limited. However, these five ambitious girls are always striving forward and persisting until the end. If you don’t have enough knowledge, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do it. It is all about yearning to learn and not being afraid of the obstacles that get in your way. Till now, whenever I think about the struggles that we faced, I always tear up, and no word can describe how proud I am. Along with this success, it would not have worked out without our mentors, CFA committees, and seniors, who always spend their precious time teaching and guiding us. Therefore, my team and I are so thankful for them. Overall, I hope this can encourage everyone to dare to do what they want to do and not be afraid of those challenges, and once you decide on something, make sure to give it your all.

3. One thing you did that changed your life? (One experience I encountered that could change my life)

I think the experience during the grade 12 national exam result had a significant impact on my life, especially on my studying mindset. I believe that also applies to other people who may relate to that experience, which is disappointment with the result or that it is not what you wanted. At that time, I had a big emotional breakdown because I was disappointed with myself. However, after clearing my mind I started to think about the reason that led to this result. At that time, I could say I was quite confident and kind of overestimated the exam question. Therefore, that experience made me realize I needed to learn to be humble and always prepare for the worst scenario. I can say that experience has made me lose my confidence because sometimes I might feel insecure about my own work. Somehow, I’m kind of glad for that experience because, without it, I wouldn’t be able to be well-prepared for any exam or competitions. Hence, the lesson I learned from this experience is, “Be humble because there are many things that you don’t know.”

4. Who is the person you look up to the most?

Solisa May is the person I always look up to when I first started at AUPP. She is now an alumni and the Class of 2022 valedictorian. I’ve heard a lot about her academic accomplishments and remarkable performance, and she knows what she’s doing. I saw her hard work and dedication as SGA’s 7th mandate president, her outstanding performance in the CFA research challenge, and her remarkable speech as valedictorian at her graduation. As a result, my admiration for her grows by the day, and I am motivated and energized by this incredible woman. Thank you, Solisa May, for becoming the source of my motivation and inspiration.

5. What are the steps that you took that take you to where you are right now? 

Honestly, I don’t think I have my steps laid out because everything keeps changing. Everyone has a different mindset and way of making decisions. However, I tend to be flexible with the circumstances. Even though we’re sure about our path, sometimes we don’t know that some factors or the challenges that we have faced could have an influence on our decision. For instance, when I finished high school, I set my goal to work in the marketing department. However, after entering university, I shifted to human resources, and now I’m finally settling on finance. Therefore, all I can say is to try to explore as much as you can and be open-minded even on subjects that you don’t like because you don’t know that one day you will start to grow your love for them. Likewise, before, I really didn’t like finance, but after studying about finance and accounting courses, I realized it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, and I started growing and expanding my knowledge on that subject more. That is when I decided that having a career in finance is what I really want to pursue. Hence, I joined the finance competition and even became a finance intern, and the learning value that I gain in that area really deepens my interest in finance, and I’m really glad of my decision. You don’t really need to stick to something; if you find out you want to try something else, don’t be afraid to pursue it. If we don’t try it, how do we know?

6. What is the happiest moment of your life?

This is not an exaggeration! I consider my time as a university student to be the happiest of my life. However, choosing the right university is crucial for your experience and development as well. In university, I have the freedom to choose and explore new things, pick up new skills, and make new friendships. University is a place where I can find out about who I am and what my genuine interests and hobbies are. The sense of community it fosters is one of the things that makes university life so delightful. Being around people who are open-minded and share the same hobbies and passions may be quite fulfilling. Whether via extracurricular activities, events, or simply hanging out with friends, these activities are meaningful memories that will always stick in my mind. Aside from social aspects, the school offers a one-of-a-kind chance for academic advancement and personal development. At the core of university experience is the pursuit of knowledge and critical thinking abilities. Learning from qualified lecturers, having meaningful interactions with classmates, and undertaking research on areas of interest to you may be quite rewarding. Although sometimes, the assignment and academic pressure stress me out, but after overcame it I became happy again. Life is like this after rain, it’s sunny again. Furthermore, the capacity to have my own autonomy in whatever decision I make is the most significant factor that makes me able to spread my wings without any constraints. The sad fact is that I only have one year left until I graduate. I’m going to miss my amazing and competent professor, helpful and caring faculty, and all of my wild and funny friends. Therefore, I’m going to make the most of that one year and enjoy my university life at AUPP as much as possible.

7. Any advice to the people that look up to you?

I would feel incredibly honored that people looked up to me, while in fact, there are times that I feel insecure and question myself a lot. Therefore, from my experience, there are a handful of pieces of advice that I wish people could consider and some that I wish I had known before. Firstly, it is important to be authentic and true to yourself. It is unavoidable that we can be easily influenced by others’ goals and their career path. However, instead of following their lead, it is better to discover your true potential and what you really like. Compared to others, your progress will take longer, but it is important to trust the process and believe that you will reach it at some point because, believe me, that result will make you feel fulfilled. Secondly, there is one saying that “Getting comfortable being uncomfortable,” for those who want to get out of their comfort zone. From my experience, I heard people say they wanted to get out of their comfort zone, but they didn’t really get out; they just stayed in the zone or on the edge of the zone. You need to understand that it is uncomfortable as you face new challenges, but if you don’t get uncomfortable at first, then how are you going to get comfortable later? Don’t let those feelings be obstacles to your growth and development. Finally, this advice is what I always mention to others: “Don’t be afraid to grab the opportunity; be afraid that you’re not given the chance to do so.” Overall, this is all the advice that I want to share with everyone, and I hope you can make great use of it.

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