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Dr. Wesley Kendall and Mr. Sokvy Rim attended the 7th conference on Bangladesh Genocide and Justice

The 7th International Conference on Bangladesh Genocide and Justice was held last 6th and 7th December 2021, featured two of American University of Phnom Penh’s esteemed faculty – Dr. Wesley Kendall, Associate Professor of AUPP Law Program, and Mr. Sokvy Rim, AUPP Librarian and co-founder and President of The Thinker (

During the conference, Dr. Wesley and Mr. Sokvy presented their research paper on The Art of Atrocity; A Qualitative Case Study of Vann Nath and The Role of Artwork in Promoting Peace Education in Post Conflict Societies. The document focused on determining the role of art in post-conflict situations and to determine the effectiveness of art in promoting peace education in various societies.

The paper found that the artworks of Khmer Rouge genocide were created by S-21 survivors has furnished the individual cathartic resolution of genocide atrocities, fostering a broader system of social education about genocide’s consequences, and has made it easier to reconcile the repercussions of genocide with future and current peace.

The conference was attended by most of the academics, researchers, professionals, and experts from the rest of the world who are in the field study of international crimes and was held in the Liberation War Museum (LWM) in Dhaka, Bangladesh, as a hybrid platform.  

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