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The University will adhere to principles of natural justice in conducting investigations and hearings of suspected discipline violations, and in applying sanctions where it is found that a breach of discipline has occurred. These principles include:

  • The right of a student suspected of a discipline violation not to be judged prior to an investigation and a fair hearing, except in cases where the student admits to the breach.
  • The right of a student to request a formal investigation and hearing.
  • The right of a student to have investigations carried out by university employees who have not been directly involved in the matter, wherever possible.
  • The right of a student to be supported by an advisor during any disciplinary proceedings should the student so wish. The advisor may be a friend, relative or professional advisor, including an employee of the university.
  • The right of a student to provide an account of any actions or behavior suspected of being a breach of discipline, including the right to provide mitigating evidence.
  • The right of a student to have age, maturity, or academic level taken into account where the disciplinary matter is something about which it is expected students may develop an awareness during their time at the university and which they do not necessarily have before attending the university (e.g. rules relating to plagiarism).
  • The right of appeal to a higher authority within the university up to the President. A student may appeal a disciplinary decision, the manner in which the matter has been dealt with, or the sanction imposed.

Decisions in any disciplinary matters will be final unless appealed. Decisions by the President will be final. The reputation of the University will be a factor considered in all dealings in respect of suspected or actual breaches of discipline. Disciplinary sanctions will be graduated according to the seriousness of the offence and the history of the student. Confidentiality rules will apply to all investigations and proceedings related to breaches of discipline. Where a student is found to have committed a breach of discipline, a record will be kept on the student’s file and may be referred to in any subsequent disciplinary hearing. Faculty members dealing with breaches of classroom or academic discipline must refer the matter to the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs to ensure compliance with this policy, and that action and proposed sanctions accord with the history of the student and with standards of practice across the university community.