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AUPP CSEAS and UN Women Cambodia Co-Hosts Panel on Safe Migration and Ending Violence Against Women

CSEAS proudly collaborated with Global Affairs’ Gender and Development class to jointly organize a significant event on November 21 in partnership with UN Women Cambodia which attended by over 50 participants.  

Together, we hosted a panel discussion featuring Safe and Fair Cambodia (ILO and UN Women) to introduce their newly developed Media Friendly Glossary for Migration. The event specifically emphasized the experiences of women migrant workers and the urgent need to eradicate violence against women.  

The speakers in the panel were: 

Panellists Chhunly Chhay National Programme Coordinator, SAF Cambodia 
Mrs. Long Leap Woman migrant worker, Peer Leader 
Khun Sophea UN Women Country Manager Cambodia 
Hang Samphors Journalist, Female Journalist Network Leader 
Soriya Theang Columnist, Researcher, Blogger 

Dr. Sarah Rose-Jensen, the event co-host and an esteemed professor of Global Affairs, highlighted the event’s relevance for students interested in migration, media and communication, international relations, and international law. She emphasized the event’s powerful and enlightening discussion on the role of language in shaping perceptions of migration, providing invaluable knowledge to students. Dr. Sarah added that understanding this topic is essential because migrants are individuals whose lives and well-being are significant. 

Furthermore, she expressed her hope that students would gain a deeper understanding of ethical reporting on migration and gender-related issues through this event. The stories we tell, she stressed, have a profound impact on societal progress, making responsible and empowering language crucial for positive change. 

CSEAS prides itself on bringing quality programs for students and faculty at AUPP, demonstrating the common and interdisciplinary opportunities and challenges of Cambodia with its Southeast Asian neighbors. 

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