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Constitution Day Party held at AUPP

AUPP held a Cambodian Constitution Day party to celebrate Cambodian Constitution day. This national holiday was established to celebrate the signing of the Cambodian constitution by King Sihanouk. While Constitution day in Cambodia is normally celebrated on September 24th, students, faculty and staff wanted to hold the party before the holiday weekend.

Senior Law students started the party by asking students in attendance quiz questions about Cambodia’s constitutional history over the last 100 years. It was interesting to see how many students knew detailed history about previous Cambodian constitutions and law. Law students showed a brief video presentation about their experience learning about Cambodia’s constitution during their studies at AUPP. Following was a 4th year student who gave a very detailed account of Cambodia’s constitutions and their rise and fall over the last 100 years until reaching the current constitution which has been in place since 1993.

This party could not be complete without delicious food being served to all those in attendance. Senior Law students brought out a Constitutional Birthday Cake commemorating the current Constitution’s existence over the past 21 years. Due to it being Constitution Day, students did not sing “happy birthday” but most noteworthy was their chanting of the preamble to the constitution. It was a magnificent display of AUPP students’ skill in their ability to recite the words to this document. Furthermore, it was clear that students even outside the law program have a wide grasp of academic knowledge and care for their homeland.

Everyone in attendance was happy to get a slice of the cake. In addition to being delicious, the cake was designed as a copy of the Cambodian Flag. As a result, all attendees had a wonderful time while also enjoying a short afternoon break from their lessons.

We are excited for Constitution Day next year and look forward to sharing it with our incoming freshman students.

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