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Bachelor of Arts Degree and Bachelor of Science Degrees

AUPP offers the Bachelor of Arts degree in Law, and in Global Affairs. It offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Business, and in Information Technology Management. AUPP also offers a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture.

AUPP uses the unit system, common in U.S. universities. Each unit is normally equivalent to 60 minutes of lecture per week for the length of the semester. Thus, for example, a course meeting three times a week (60 minutes each) would be 3 units. Likewise, a course meeting twice a week for 90 minutes each would also be 3 units. Laboratory courses require two hours of laboratory per week per semester for each unit. A two-hour laboratory once a week would be equivalent of one unit. Special courses, such as the First Year Experience are treated similar to laboratory in that each unit requires two hours of class work per week.

Students are expected to spend approximately two to three hours outside of class studying for each hour (unit) in class. If the student is enrolled in 15 units of course work, there is an expectation of a minimum of 30 additional hours per week of study outside of class.

The academic year is divided into a Fall semester that normally runs from September through December and a Spring semester that normally runs from January to May. In addition, AUPP offers classes during the summer and may offer a Summer semester as need arises.

The Bachelor of Arts degrees and Bachelor of Science degrees require the completion of at least one hundred twenty four (124) units, of which sixty two (61) are in General Education/Liberal Studies. The Bachelor of Architecture degree requires the completion of at least 181 units, over five years. All graduating students will earn a minor in Liberal Studies as well as a major in their chosen field. Students can also pursue an additional minor.