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AUPP Students Take Arts and Culture Field Trip

AUPP students took a two-day field trip to the National Museum and various art galleries within Phnom Penh to see first hand what they had been studying in their Arts and Culture class.

Along with their instructor, Dr. Theresa de Langis, students visited theNational Museum of Cambodia, the nearby Romeet Contemporary Art Space, and the new Community Gallery recently opened by the The Asia Foundation.

Students exchanged ideas with Cambodian artist and educator, Srey Bandaul, about his recent piece “Under the Sarong.”  They met Khiang Hei, curator of the new exhibition at the Community Gallery, which was featuring internationally recognized artists, Sopheap Pich and Kong Vollak.

The field trip was highly valued by students as it gave them an opportunity to learn more about their history and culture and to meet contemporary Cambodian artists. “Looking at actual art and meeting with actual artists gave us a first hand experience of what arts and culture is all about,” said student Amanda Too. Other students agreed that learning can and should move beyond the classroom and books to strengthen learning and critical thinking.

“The trip to the galleries and museum gave us the chance to apply what we have learned in class,” said Bun Hong Taing. “We were able to engage very immediately with the art and the artists, asking questions and being in direct conversation about what art and culture means in today’s Cambodia.”

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