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AUPP Students Re-plant Deforested Dreams

While studying at AUPP, students are educated not only to become successful in their careers but also to become good global citizens.

Recent years of logging and deforestation in Koh Kong Province has surely had a negative impact on the local wildlife, our students felt it was necessary to bring something positive to the battered environment. One thousand mangroves were planted by our students, faculty and staff in Koh Andeth and Koh Kong during the Educational Mentoring and Community Service Program. Staff members from Department of Environment of Koh Kong Province met with our students to discuss the impact that loss of mangrove forests has on the local and larger environment. Our students, faculty and staff were very fascinated to learn about the importance of growing mangroves and protecting fragile ecosystems such as the one in Koh Kong Province.

Whether our students are occupied with their education, internships or clubs, they are still motivated to get involved with community service activities around Cambodia.

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