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AUPP Students Plant Trees and Volunteer in Koh Kong

AUPP considers it important to give back to the Cambodian community and volunteer some time to a worthy cause. One cause in particular that we consider important is the precious Eco System of Koh Kong and the Cardamom Mountains. This is one of the last areas in Cambodia if not Southeast Asia to retain a variety of endangered animals such as the Malayan Sun Bear, Sunda Pangolin, Irrawaddy and Humpback Dolphins and many more. Some have even called this part of Cambodia, “The Amazon of Asia” for its dense tropical rain forest which has allowed a rich variety of wildlife to thrive. It is one of the largest and still mostly unexplored forests in Southeast Asia.

Our students returned from a trip to Koh Kong province where they spent time involving themselves in a variety of volunteer activities. Each day they dedicated time to a different cause, from cleaning the natural environment and picking up litter, volunteering at a local school as well as planting trees around the Cardamom Mountains in an area that was deforested.

We are happy to be able to bring positive change to the local communities of Cambodia and ensure that we participate in development that takes into consideration the eco system that surrounds us. This was a great way for AUPP students to finish off the Summer Semester and look forward to the oncoming Fall Semester. While this trip was a success, we know that much more positive impact needs to be made and new community outreach trips will be planned for the upcoming academic year.

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