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An AUPP Student, the First Cambodian Student at the United Nations’ Headquarters

As the most prestigious university in the nation, AUPP offers its students a variety of internship opportunities worldwide. These internships allow students to obtain practical experience and to apply knowledge acquired in field of studies at AUPP to the real world working environment. In addition to gaining knowledge and skills through the internship experience, students also develop professionalism that will be invaluable in their careers.

For the past several months, Sunner Kea, one of AUPP’s senior law students, has had an internship with the Permanent Mission of Cambodia to the United Nations. Sunner is the first Cambodian student to work as an intern at the UN headquarters in New York and to obtain and develop ability, skills, experience and knowledge in this worldwide organization. Sunner is proud to represent AUPP and to help promote the quality of education and reputation of AUPP to the UN and international community.

As an AUPP law senior, it has been his greatest pleasure to experience such a glorious opportunity and undergo first-hand in the United Nations distinctively as a representative of the government of Cambodia. The internship has been a journey based on professionalism – learning how to communicate effectively with bureaucrats including foreign diplomats as well as top Cambodian government officials, and especially to represent the Cambodian government on the international stage as a diplomat.

Sunner has high praise for his internship experience, stating that, “Despite all of the work, I have also experienced many other aspects of life when it comes to problem solving, time keeping, networking, synergy, communication, policy development, event planning, data analysis, and so on. Although my internship is coming to an end, my only hope is that more AUPP students could travel here and do this internship because from my experience, I know that my AUPP fellow classmates will have the capabilities to delightfully endure such a professional work experience under the government of Cambodia.”

He ended with his final remarks that, “I would like to express my deepest appreciation to the American University of Phnom Penh and the Permanent Mission of Cambodia to the United Nations for making this experience possible.”

AUPP offers numerous internship opportunities to students, both in Cambodia and in other nations which allow students to gain domestic and international work experience that helps them develop skills and professionalism that will benefit them throughout their academic life as well as their professional careers.

Be sure that you don’t miss these exciting opportunities by becoming an AUPP student today. For more information, contact us at +85523 990 023+85512 266 631+85512 898 124.

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