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AUPP Signs First Major Formal Partnership with RMA

The American University of Phnom Penh (AUPP) today signed its first major formal partnership with the business and industrial sector in Cambodia.

At a ceremony on the AUPP campus University President Dr. Sharon Siverts and Mr. Ngorn Saing, Deputy Country Manager and CFO of RMA (Rochester, Midland, Asia) Cambodia, put their signatures to a Memorandum of Understanding undertaking to collaborate in a range of activities, including joint research projects, providing internship opportunities for AUPP students, and exchanges among AUPP faculty members and RMA employees.

Speaking at the signing, Dr. Siverts stressed the importance of collaboration between higher education and the business and public sectors. Collaboration between AUPP and RMA Cambodia would make it possible for students and faculty to interact with managers and staff of a large and diversified local company.

“Our agreement with RMA Cambodia help students understand what its like to work in a very successful international industry,” Dr. Siverts said. “This is the first agreement with Cambodian business and industry and we look forward to it being a model upon which to develop additional partnerships with others in both the public and private sectors.”

In his remarks, Mr. Ngorn Saing said that the growth of RMA Cambodia has been a result of the work of capable, educated people. “We need AUPP to support us,” he said. “Without smart and educated people we cannot continue to grow. Cooperation with AUPP is very useful.” He added that RMA Cambodia is very happy to share its experience with the younger generation in Cambodia.

RMA Cambodia was established in 1992 in Phnom Penh, and has grown year-on-year to offer a wide range of products and services. With more than 900 employees, RMA Cambodia operations extend throughout the country with 12 different offices and branches. It is a leader in the Automotive, Infrastructure, Engineering and Food Services sectors nationwide. The company’s diverse array of local operations ranges from the food service sector (including local operations Pizza Company, Costa Coffee, and Swensen’s) to heavy equipment (including John Deere) and automobiles (Ford, Jaguar, and Land Rover.)

The American University of Phnom Penh provides a rigorous, principled, American-style educational opportunity to the youth of Cambodia, and is the first and only American-style University in the country.  The U.S.-based curriculum is delivered entirely in English, and courses are taught by highly qualified American faculty members with significant teaching experience in the United States.

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