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AUPP, Ministry of Commerce ink Information Technology Collaboration MoU

AUPP together with Ministry of Commerce and in collaboration with Microsoft, signed an information technology collaboration Memorandum of Understanding. This deal which was initiated originally between the Ministry and Microsoft was made to facilitate greater IT cooperation between Cambodia as well as Microsoft. The deal would help develop the IT sector on a variety of platforms in Cambodia. The three parties will work towards building up the use of Genuine Software, provide training and understanding of Cyber-Crime and Cyber-Security, as well as ensuring all parties are up to date on developing tech trends. Additionally, the Ministry of Commerce with Microsoft will implement the planned project on Translation Hub – Khmer.

In August it was announced in Phnom Penh Post that Microsoft would jointly implement a project with Cambodia’s Ministry of Commerce. This project would work to create a translation program to simplify complex English and Khmer business terminology.  The Commerce Ministry would upload at least 100,000 parallel sentences and phrases in both languages, and would work in tandem with students and teachers from the American University of Phnom Penh (AUPP) to verify their accuracy. Representative from Microsoft visited AUPP and worked with a group of students on business English translation. The students were trained on the use of Microsoft’s algorithm software for translating from Khmer to English as well as how to upload translated phrases. After getting the hang of the new tech software, the students were given a variety of business terms and keywords to verify for translation accuracy.

Students from AUPP will continue to provide the Ministry or Commerce and Microsoft with assistance in their IT development projects in the future. AUPP is proud to be able to work with both the Ministry of Commerce as well as Microsoft in their venture. We here at AUPP feel very honored to be even considered for such a task and thank the Ministry of Commerce for their consideration and support.

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