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AUPP Civil Engineering Students go to Arizona

Summer 2019, six of our Civil Engineering Dual Degree students embarked on a personal and academic adventure to the United States. Our visiting Civil Engineers in training were warmly welcomed by the staff and faculty at the University of Arizona, where they will be spending several weeks working alongside faculty, staff, and other students at the UA College of Engineering labs. Additionally, our students will have the opportunity to experience life, academics and culture firsthand in the city of Tucson as Global Micro-campus students. Dual Degree students at the UA Phnom Penh have the unique opportunity to earn dual degrees in Civil Engineering, Law, and Business Administration. We look forward to hearing about the further successes of our students in Tucson.

According to the one of the students: “it’s definitely an opportunity, I’ve never traveled this far before. Getting to be here and experience the campus is really cool.”

Another student mentioned he chose the program because it’s a cost-effective way to earn two degrees, without needing to reside in the United States. However, he does hope to come to the U.S. for his master’s degree so he considers his weeks at the UA a valuable experience for building connections with professors and researchers.

“Being here will give us a better idea of what it’s like to be an engineer in the future,” In said. “And a degree from the University of Arizona will be recognized by the world.”

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