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AUPP and UMass Lowell Collaborate on Youth Information Project

The American University of Phnom Penh (AUPP), in collaboration with UMass Lowell, is participating in a project focused on issues affecting Cambodian development and the role of Cambodian youth in the country’s future.

The Youth Information Project responds to a need for timely and relevant information regarding employment and skills training for Cambodian youth. The project supports the strategic plans of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS) and the Ministry of Labor (MoL) to provide this information. Over 65% of Cambodia’s total population is currently under the age of thirty, and this demographic will play an increasingly important role in shaping the country’s future over the next decade.

In June 2015, students from UMass Lowell, a public university in the northeastern United States, will arrive in Cambodia and enroll in classes at AUPP. The intensive four-week course will deal with youth and youth organizations in Cambodia and their increasingly important role from 1980 until the present.

UMass Lowell and AUPP students will work with Cambodian youth organizations, MoEYS, and MoL to develop a prototype system to enhance existing methods to disseminate employment and skills training information and receive user feedback. The system will utilize cell phone technology in order to be accessible to 90% of Cambodian youth nationwide.

The program provides a unique opportunity for AUPP students to collaborate with their U.S. counterparts on a substantive research project that will benefit the development of Cambodia. AUPP is committed to providing valuable cross-cultural experience to its students via collaborative projects, partnerships with U.S. universities, and study abroad opportunities

Oxfam International will provide technical and logistical support for the project. Oxfam is an international confederation of 17 organizations working together with partners and local communities in more than 90 countries to mobilize citizens in the fight against poverty.

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