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ActionAid Cambodia Urges a Change in Thinking

Ms. Kate Seewald presented the “Safe Cities for Women” campaign from ActionAid Cambodia featuring information specific to the women of Cambodia and the world. The presentation focused on the types of violence women face outside of the home or family, and how anyone can help. The specific type of violence that was focused on was rape.

Over the years of studying and understanding rape and rape culture, there has been changes in the way people think. According to Ms. Seewald, this is the most important process in halting violence against women. In recent years, there has been a shift in focus that rape is not the victim’s fault, but the fault of the perpetrator. This must be more solidified in people’s minds. “Don’t teach our daughters to not be raped, teach our sons about consent,” urges Ms. Seewald.

Alongside this definition of consent, Ms. Seewald would like everyone to think of consent as “an enthusiastic agreement” between people in regards to sex.

After the presentation, Ms. Seewald concluded with ideas to help ActionAid’s cause. She specifically stated that men must challenge other men to think in this modern standing in regards to violence and rape. Social norms must be challenged in order to ensure the safety of everyone.

Students asked how they may help in this campaign and how effective is the campaign. Ms. Seewald responded by sharing contact information, and by saying that the results are up to those who help. Without people willing to challenge others to think differently, there will be no effect.

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