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40 Full Scholarships Highlight AUPP’s College of Science, Engineering and Digital Technology

The American University of Phnom Penh (AUPP) is announcing 40 full scholarships for high school graduates taking the Cambodia National Examination this Fall, of which 15 will be for students pursuing an American-style Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Information Technology Management, another 15 are reserved for those studying for a B.S. in Civil Engineering and another 10 for Bachelor of Arts in Architecture.

These degree programs are offered in AUPP’s College of Science, Engineering and Digital Technology. The College prepares students for Cambodia and the world’s sustainable “Industry 4.0” by providing in-depth professional knowledge combined with AUPP’s well-known education in critical thinking, communication and leadership skills.

In addition, AUPP offers up to 50% scholarships to students who have achieved Grade A or B on their National High School Examinations or AUPP Merit Scholarships Examinations.

AUPP offers majors as follows:

  1. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
  2. Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
  3. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Management
  4. Bachelor of Arts in Global Affairs
  5. Bachelor of Arts in Law
  6. Bachelor of Business Administration in Tourism & Hospitality Management
  7. Bachelor of Arts in Architecture

AUPP is an English language institution of higher education with American curricula, teaching techniques and academic standards. Students have an option to obtain two degrees upon graduation: one U.S. degree from a partner university, the University of Arizona or Fort Hays State University, and the other from AUPP.

Dual degree recipients spend 50 to 75% less on tuition and fees as compared to receiving the same partner university degree in the US (not to mention savings on travel and living expenses). Those preferring to obtain a single AUPP Cambodia ACC accredited degree spend even less for their educations.

AUPP’s early fall intake for graduates not taking the national exam starts on 24 August. Applications for all students are available online. All graduates are welcome and encouraged to visit AUPP and discuss their individual situations with an admissions counselor.

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