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Why you should ICT as your major at AUPP

1. Short Description of yourself and your achievement.

My name is Vilya Seang. I am currently a sophomore in Information and Communication Technology at the American University of Phnom Penh. Being able to pursue this degree has always been what I am proud of, and yes, I can include it as one of my achievements so far. Throughout this journey, I have had an opportunity to increase my understanding of my area of interest, expand my connection, and especially develop both my soft skill and hard skill.

2. Why did you choose (your major) as your major?

Having an opportunity to grow up in this digital revolution era, I have witnessed most of the benefits that technology provides to our society. Since then, I have always been interested in exploring new technology concepts in order to apply them to solve real-life problems. This is the main factor that encourages me to choose information and communication technology as my main major.

3. Tell us more about your AUPP academic experience.

During these two years at AUPP, I have taken general education courses, major courses, and elective courses with our highly experienced professors and various kinds of great learning material. For general education courses, it’s such a fun and interesting experience for me to be able to gain more insight into literature, technology, mathematics, geography, and humanities. For my major courses, I have developed my programming skills, data structures and algorithms, website developments, and cyber security and I am ready to explore more new technology concepts in the upcoming courses. For my electives courses, I have chosen Management Information Systems as my specialist. Therefore, I can learn more about business and management skills along with technology. All in all, within these two years, I have noticed a huge improvement in my skill through a very fun academic journey.

4. What is your recommendation/advice for the recent high school graduates who want to choose (your major)?

It is undeniable that technology has been integrated into a part of our daily lives. Therefore, Information and Communication Technology is for all of us. If you love exploring, questioning, researching, solving problems, and thinking logically, then you are one step closer to ICT. ICT is not only about coding, but also about everything related to technology. So, in the meantime, it is good to explore more about your area of interest in the ICT field, try to learn and question more about the skills, roles and opportunities in these areas and yes just have fun, try your best, and follow your heart.

5. How does AUPP help you succeed?

AUPP provides me with a lot of opportunities to learn, explore, and gain new experiences. Apart from my academic learning journey, I have also increased my network and soft skills by participating in various club activities such as business club, language club, coding club, as well as community service program. Recently I just finished my internship tour in Singapore. During this tour, I have got to explore more about the ICT industry and professional working environment so as to gain more insight into my future career and interest. With my academic achievements in these past two years, and the support from my Department’s Dean, my advisors, professors, and seniors, I successfully become a delegate at Huawei Seeds for the Future 2022 along with other delegates from 16 countries; and have learned more about the new technologies, leadership, team works, as well as the business and technology solution for solving problems inside the communities. Therefore, during this half of my bachelor’s degree journey, I have gained many valuable experiences; and I will try my best to gain more experiences in the next two years.

6. Why should new students choose AUPP?

AUPP provides us with the American Learning Environment with highly experienced professors, and a modern learning environment for students to explore and increase their knowledge in a very fun and interactive way. Apart from this, we also have many kinds of co-curricular activities, study tours, and work opportunities for students. Therefore, choosing AUPP is an amazing way to reach our dream destinations.

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