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Why Tourism and Hospitality Management?

Heng Lida, a senior student majoring in Tourism and Hospitality Management, has shared her insights on why she chose to study Tourism and Hospitality Management (THM) at AUPP after she graduated from high school. Read about her interview below:

1. Why did you choose THM major at the American University of Phnom Penh (AUPP)? 

I choose AUPP because AUPP allows me to earn two degrees within four years without having to go abroad. On top of that, the dual degree program for Tourism and Hospitality Management will not only cover THM courses alone, but students also get to develop core insights in business administration. 

2. Tell us more about your AUPP academic experience?

AUPP provides a great academic experience for me since the school follows a U.S. curriculum standard. As I also study with a partnered university in the U.S., I can say that learning experience is very different, and professors are fully experienced. They always encourage students to study and build the development of students’ performance to success. 

3. What is your recommendation/advice for recent high school graduates who want to choose THM?

To recent high school graduates who wish to pursue a degree in Tourism and Hospitality management, I would advise you to come and join us here at AUPP. Not only will you get to learn about the industry within Cambodia, but also how the industry works in the U.S. and internationally. These really play a vital role in developing your perspectives on the tourism industry in the future.

4. How did AUPP help you to succeed? 

AUPP helps me succeed by allowing me to learn many new things and gain great experiences, both in class and socially. I’m able to improve many skills that are essential for both my career life and everyday living. 

5. Why should new students choose AUPP?

Enrolling at AUPP enables you to grow as a person, and with that comes great achievements.

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