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Washington DC Trip Starts for AUPP Student Government

Starting their Washington DC Trip from Phnom Penh, AUPP Student Government is one of the few international student governments to travel to the US capitol. Why are they heading there? For the American Student Government Association’s National Student Government Summit set to happen in Washington DC for about 1 week. AUPP’s student government will be joining the biggest and greatest student government training conference in the United States together with students from other American universities and colleges.

The purpose of this conference is to discuss and collaborate with the American Student Government Association on how to improve the student government in each university as well as better serve the student body to ensure their needs are met. This conference will include more than 100 training workshops and roundtables. Funny and engaging presenters will entertain more than 600 student leaders and advisors from all types and sizes of colleges and universities. Each student government will also have an opportunity to request private consulting appointments from seasoned professionals with previous experience in student governance.

However, the conference is not the only thing our student government plans to do. Of Course they have planned to also do a bit of shopping and visiting famous landmarks in the US capitol. Washington DC is home to famous destinations such as the White House, Library of Congress, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, National Mall, Ford’s Theatre, Lincoln Memorial and many other places. Most of the landmarks in Washington DC were built or are used to convey American style of governance as well as its history.

The National Student Government Summit will provide AUPP’s student government the tools necessary to improve AUPP’s Student Government under its current constitution and for future student governments as well. For more information about the National Student Government Summit, please visit the National SG Summit website.

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