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Vietnamese Students to Consider AUPP for University Studies, Says Ambassador

While visiting the American University of Phnom Penh (AUPP) on April 3, 2015, the Vietnamese Ambassador to Cambodia said AUPP is considered an exciting program for Vietnamese students, based on the academic performance, location and cost of the university.

Thach Du, ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of Vietnam to Cambodia spent an hour with senior management of AUPP, during which, he was presented with an overview of AUPP by Dr. William Heidcamp, Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs.  Ambassador Du asked many questions of the management team and was pleased with the answers he received.

Ambassador Du was enthusiastic about AUPP’s high caliber of academic performance and education quality. He said AUPP will be considered as “the next target for Vietnamese students”, citing that many Vietnamese have already chosen overseas studies in Singapore, Australia or the United States for their undergraduate or graduate years.  AUPP has many qualities that will appeal to Vietnamese students and their parents.

The Ambassador said Cambodia and Vietnam have had good relations and cooperation in many areas.  As neighbors, Cambodia and Vietnam can provide each other with education options.  The Ambassador noted that Vietnamese students had nothing to worry about in choosing AUPP for their studies and could be assured of a high quality education.  He added that the significance of knowing multiple languages, including Khmer, is another advantage for Vietnamese students.

As enrollment increases, AUPP plans to build on a 7-hectare campus in Phnom Penh.  The first academic building is expected to be completed for fall 2016, and it will have a state-of-the-art educational design, developed by a top-ranked group of architects. Additional educational space, sport facilities, and student housing will complement the academic space.

Both Cambodian and foreign students who choose to study at AUPP will gain a competitive advantage to pursue graduate studies (Master or PhD) at universities in the U.S., Canada, Australia, or in the European nations.  At the same time, they will enjoy a much lower cost for a four-year Bachelor Degree, when compared to that in Singapore, Australia or the United States, where the cost is three to four times as high as that at AUPP.

AUPP is committed to offering an excellent American education and to preparing students for a competitive global marketplace.

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