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A Vibrant Forum of Student Clubs at AUPP

Along with its fantastic education programs, AUPP also offers a forum for extracurricular activities to its students in the form of student clubs. These clubs are mainly established to bring together students who have congenial interests and it gives students the opportunity to share, learn and develop comradely with peers.

With the advisory mentorship of a faculty member overseeing and guiding club operations, AUPP students have the opportunity to be involved with a variety of clubs which focuses on teamwork, leadership, and organizational skills. Some of our main clubs are the soccer club, the music club, the yoga club, the cooking club, and the newspaper club amongst a few, and the students have been given the autonomy to run the club themselves. These clubs accept interested new members with arms wide open.

In addition to this, students can also propose new clubs so as to provide other students the opportunity to join and explore a new set of skills. The students proposing to create new clubs choose a faculty member whose role is to mentor and guide the club members on the most effective and productive methods to lead the club. The final approval of the club mentor is decided by the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs and hereafter, the club is then officially approved by the President of the University.

As the saying goes, “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”, only focusing on rigorous academic work without rest or relaxation is harmful to one’s personal life and well-being. AUPP constantly encourages its students to not only excel in their academic ventures, but also in their all-round development. Hence the student clubs is a forum for the students to escape the mundane.

With a great opportunity to receive a top quality of education similar to that of the USA, Europe, Australia and other developed nations, we believe that a balance and integration between class activities and co-curricular activities can enable the students to succeed in their academic life, as well as help them develop an international mindset to prepare and face global challenges that lie ahead in life.

Our clubs here in AUPP offers various opportunities to the students to get involved in community projects, internships, career planning and development, leadership in student governance, service learning and many more. With a balance and combination of an excellent education intertwined with co-curricular activities, we here at AUPP vigorously work at developing and nurturing the perfect specimen of global citizens that can lead the next generation of Cambodian youth to unprecedented achievements and economic marvels.

To learn more about clubs to be offered at AUPP, you are advised to contact the Office of Student Affairs through [email protected] or call us at 023-990-023.

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