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U.S. Partnership with Fort Hays State University (FHSU)

A creative and catchy slogan has an important purpose in portraying the representation of an organization or brand. Both, AUPP and Fort Hays State University (FHSU) have memorable slogans that focuses on creating global leaders through quality education, mentorship and the opportunity to prepare them towards impacting the world. The partnership between the two universities could not have been more aligned.

Forward Thinking, World Ready. (FHSU)   |  Study Locally, Live Globally.  (AUPP)

We are honored to be in partnership with FHSU as both universities are committed to focus on the next generation of global thinkers whom will lead the world towards creating positive change. Cambodian students now have the opportunity to study locally and have the option to study abroad at FHSU’s campus in Kansas.  

Before the Cooperation Agreement Signing Ceremony, we invited students from Sovannaphumi High School, Central Park School of Cambodia, Royal Intercon School to join us for a presentation from both, AUPP and FHSU about the Dual Degrees program. We had the great honor to have President of Fort Hays State University, Dr. Mirta M. Martin speak directly to students about the opportunity for them to receive a U.S. degree while studying in Cambodia without the need to spend time studying in the United States. With this partnership, students have the option to study abroad at FHSU’s campus in Kansas as a transfer student. This is a wonderful opportunity!

“Fort Hays State University is thankful for the opportunity to engage in this first of its kind partnership with AUPP. Together, we will be able to provide the next generation of global leaders a superb education which will not only impact their lives and Cambodia, but just as importantly, it will afford them the knowledge and wisdom to make a difference in the world.” -Dr. Mirta M. Martin, President of Fort Hays State University

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