Tuition Fees for Academic

AUPP provides a single degree program in Business, Information Communications Technology, Law, and Global Affairs and a dual degree program in Business, Law, Information Technology Management, and Tourism & Hospitality Management. Through a dual degree program, students can earn fully accredited U.S degrees while studying in Cambodia and save 5 to 7 times the cost of studying abroad.

Bachelor Degrees

AUPP Single Degree Program

YearFall SemesterSpring Semester


  • Students are expected to take 5 courses per semester which is equivalent to 15 credits.

AUPP Dual Degree Program

  • University of Arizona – Business Administration and Law
  • Fort Hays State University – Computer Science and Tourism and Hospitality Management
YearFall SemesterSpring Semester


  • Students are expected to take 5 courses per semester which is equivalent to 15 credits.

Master Degrees

Master program is a 45 unit/credit hour program which is equivalent to 15 courses. Students will take 5 bridging courses prior to taking master program courses. They may challenge out of the bridging courses.

  • Bridging courses: $900 per course.
  • Master’s courses: $900 per course.

English Preparatory Program

The English Preparatory Program at the American University of Phnom Penh is designed to advance students’ English and develop readiness to join collegiate courses. Students will study integrated language skills, develop the soft skills that are needed to succeed in university using Project Based Learning, and complete personalized and individualized learning tasks. In the integrated skills section, they will develop their fluency while learning vocabulary and grammar for both academic and social situations. The use of Extensive Reading as part of their personalized and individualized learning allows them to read for fun, but at the same time, recycle the English they have learned enabling language acquisition to take place.

EPP 2$3,000
EPP 3$3,000
EPP 4$3,000


AUPP is offering scholarships to students who achieve grade A and B on the Cambodian National Examinations or AUPP Entrance Examination. For more information on the scholarship, please visit here.