Student Loans AUPP

Loan Program


In addition to Scholarship, AUPP has established a self-funded loan program for students who do not qualify for scholarship. Students who demonstrate financial need can seek a loan up to USD 2,000 each academic year, or USD 1,000 each semester. Students are eligible for loan program considerations on a case by case basis. Loans also cover the cost of study in the English preparatory program.



  • Students must have received an A, B, or C on the National School Leaver’s Exam to be eligible for a loan.
  • The student is required to pay the interest for each respective semester at 5%.
  • The student/family signs a note that they will repay the loan upon getting a job at the rate of 50% of their salary a month until the loan is repaid.  If a student cannot find a job, the University may try to assist.
  • After the first semester in their first year, the student will be eligible to work at the university to earn money to help pay the interest.

The University will hold the diploma until the loan is repaid.