Bachelor’s Admission

Merit Scholarships (Single and Dual Degree)

Merit scholarships are automatically awarded to applicants who complete the national exam with grades A and B. Below, you will find the information based on the grade you received, and the type of program you are in (single degree or dual degree). In addition, you will notice the duration of the scholarship based on your program.

Grade A

(Single Degree)
$1,500 Per Year
Duration: 4 Years

Grade A

(Dual Degree)
$4,500 Per Year
Duration: 2 Years

Grade B

(Single Degree)
$1,000 Per Year
Duration: 4 Years

Grade B

(Dual Degree)
$3,500 Per Year
Duration: 2 Years

Full Scholarships (Single Degree Only)

Full scholarships are awarded to grade A students admitted into our single degree programs.
  • 5 for Business
  • 15 for Global Affairs
  • 15 for Law

Digital technology majors:

  • 50 for Cloud Computing
  • 50 for Computer Science
  • 50 for Cybersecurity
  • 50 for Information and Communications Technology
  • 50 for Information Technology Management
  • 50 for Software Development

There will be a scholarship examinations for applicants applying for digital technology majors. The examination (Khmer language) includes: Math, Physic and Chemistry (1 hour each). Grade A and B are welcome to apply for full scholarship in digital technology majors.

Register and take the AUPP Full Scholarships Examination. (Deadline for the application is on January 25)

AUPP – Huawei Full and Partial Scholarships

  • 2 for ICT (Full scholarships)
  • 2 for Grade A for ICT ($1,500 per year for 4 years)
  • 2 for Grade B for ICT ($1,000 per year for 4 years)

Note: AUPP and Huawei Partial Scholarships is an addition to AUPP Merit Scholarships.

AUPP will be selecting successful applicants from those applying for Full Scholarships in Digital Technology Majors.


Complete the admissions process


Submit all required documents


Wait for our decision

Required Documents for the Full Scholarship

All full scholarship applicants need to submit the following documents following the completion of their application for admission:

  1. High school transcripts, years 10, 11, and 12.
  2. An essay response with 300-500 words addressing the following:
    1. Describe your financial situation and why you require a full AUPP scholarship.
    2. Describe high school, community, and other activities (leadership, extra-curricular, community service) in which you have participated in the last 4 years that contributed to your development, and which will impact the AUPP community.
    3. Describe how you would give back to the AUPP community if awarded the scholarship.
  3. All applicants must submit 2 photographs of their house. These photographs will be verified by AUPP Operations team.
  4. If they did not take the national exam, scholarship applicants should also submit a recommendation letter from their high school counselor or principal describing why their student should receive the full AUPP scholarship, on official high school letterhead.

Note: All documents should be sent together at the same time to [email protected].

Master’s Admission

AUPP provides up to 70% scholarship to outstanding students, graduates and young professionals who are looking to expand knowledge to better improve their work performance and career path as well as those who needs financial assistance. Scholarship value can range depending on the applicant’s qualifications.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible to our Master’s Program Scholarships Program, you must:

Hold a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university with at least 3.40 out of 4.0 GPA.
Have at least 2 years of working experience.

How to process?

Below are the steps to complete your scholarship application:


Complete the Master’s Admission Application Process


Write a 500-word essay & send to our department email


Wait for our decision

Step 1:

Complete the Master’s Admissions Application Process

To learn more about the admission application process, visit Master’s Admissions page.

Step 2:

Write a maximum of 500-words essay addressing the following:

  • Your financial need,
  • Your accomplishments that qualify you for the scholarship,
  • the scholarship amount you think you should be awarded per year,
  • what you can contribute to the AUPP community.

Then save the essay in PDF format and submit it along with the Application ID and your full name to [email protected].

Step 3:

Wait for the result. You will be notified of the outcome via email.