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Transfer Credit

A. Transfer of Coursework from Other Universities to AUPP

All decisions about the transfer of coursework from other universities to AUPP are at the sole discretion of AUPP. Transfer students may be required to take the English and Math placement examinations. Credit will only be given for courses in which the student has earned a grade of C or better, and are similar to courses offered at AUPP. The maximum number of units that can be transferred is 60.

Students who wish to transfer coursework must provide the VPASA with a copy of their official university transcripts and the syllabus for each course for which transfer credit is requested. The VPASA, in consultation with the Faculty, will determine which coursework is transferrable and which is equivalent to an AUPP course.

B. Transfer of Courses from AUPP to Other Universities

All decisions about the transfer of coursework from AUPP to other universities are at the discretion of the receiving university. Unless AUPP has an agreement on transfer credit with a U.S. university, the receiving university normally requires that students furnish the AUPP syllabus of the course for evaluation prior to agreeing to accept the courses.