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The Third Student Government Nomination Inauguration

Phnom Penh – On the 27th day of February 2017, the Student Government (SG) of the American University of Phnom Penh (AUPP) celebrated the inauguration of the Third Mandate of the Student Government held at the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) in AUPP. The attendees of this auspicious event were the university president, the faculty members, the administration staffs, and the students. This event saw the transition of power from the previous SG officers to the new ones and the appointment of the new SG president.

Having been established since 2015 by the constitution of the students of AUPP, the SG has played an important role in developing the extra-curricular activities in the university through student involvement and improving the overall student engagement. Since its creation, the SG was led by the first group of dynamic, creative and talented members, a.k.a. ‘SG officers’. The SG body consists of the President, the Vice President, the Treasurer, the Secretary, the Academic Officer, the Student Affairs Officer and Classes Representatives. The SG officers’ main role is to represent their fellow peers and making sure their voices are heard and attended to.

This inaugural event saw the smooth transfer of power between the past and the present SG officers where the previous officers wished the best to the new officers, and likewise saw the new officers thanking their predecessors for being ideal role models. The main purpose of this change of leadership in the SG is to provide equal and fair opportunities to every student to lead and manage the SG. The university fraternity was sad to see the previous officers leave, but at the same time happy and excited for the current team of brilliant, smart and creative group of young people taking up their new roles.Having been elected as the students’ representatives, the new SG body is committed to the developing the SG and bringing about multiple involvement activities and opportunities to all students.

The AUPP student government has been said to be a well-established representation of student body that has a proper method and structure of how a government organization is led. Working in parallel with the American matrix of student government bodies, the American University of Phnom Penh student government provides countless opportunities to all students to sharpen their leadership, communication, team working, and professional skills.

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