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The Learning Model

AUPP follows a learning model incorporating a US style liberal arts education characterized by a focus on undergraduate studies that prepare students with a broad general education and the development of intellectual abilities which are nurtured at greatest depth in a particular field or fields of major studies. The normal course of undergraduate study consists of a four-year program of 124 credits of which a minimum of 61 are awarded for courses which fall into General Education categories and a minimum of 48 are awarded for courses which fall into the category of a Major or Majors. The courses of study are designed to develop knowledge, critical thinking, an understanding of moral responsibility, and an appreciation of learning. Courses are offered at levels which ensure an onward progression of student development.

The learning model uses courses within the General Education curriculum which are organized in categories and there are requirements for students to complete courses across categories which ensure opportunities for breadth in a student’s education. Courses within majors are offered in sequences where necessary, and there are requirements for students to complete certain courses or patterns of courses within the major or majors they are studying to ensure depth in their education. The Learning Model is characterized by a student-centered approach which fosters the development of each individual, their knowledge and their intellectual capacity and the skills and attitude that will enable them to make valuable contributions to their community.