Teck Choon Teo

Teck Choon Teo

Email: [email protected]
Position: Associate Professor and
Director of Graduate Studies
Department: Academic Affairs – Business

Dr. Teo received the M.A. and Master of Management degrees from Macquarie University, M.Ed. from Monash University, and a Doctorate in Business Administration from the University of South Australia.

During his academic career 2004-17, he was the chair of the Academic Board in various private educational institutions in Singapore and with RVi Institute in Mandalay Myanmar as Associate Dean in 2018. He has been with the American University of Phnom Penh (AUPP) since January 2020, where he is currently serving as an Associate Professor in Management.

He is a co-author of Strategic Thinking and Insights (2018). He is also an active board member of the Chinese American Scholar Association (CASA) and a Fellow of Chartered College of Teaching (UK).

Research Interests

Academician and researcher. Research interests in the area of corporate social responsibility with focus on environmental responsibility, sustainability, social entrepreneurship, green consumer behavior and ‘greening’ the B school pedagogy.

Selected Publications

  • Teo T. C. (2021) Bridging Academic Entrepreneurship and the World of Work? Perspectives from Contemporary Educator. Journal of Business Strategy Finance and Management, 2(1,2). Link
  • Teo, T.C. and Aji Divakar (2021). Understanding the concepts of digital learning approaches: An empirical analysis of schools in developing countries. Journal of Applied Learning & Teaching, 4(1), DOI
  • Teo, T. C. (2020). Exploratory Investigation into Globalization and Linkages Among ICTs and Usages within SMEs Environments in Cambodia, in Ho, R. C. (Ed), Impact of Globalisation and Advanced Technologies on Online Business Models, IGI Global, Pennsylvania. December 2020.
  • Teo, T.C. (2020). Weaving ICT Tools and Sustainability to Diversify Human Resource Management Practices. Taylor’s Business Review, 9(1), November 2020.

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