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Swap Books and Save Money

AUPP’s Student Government is facilitating a book exchange to create a sharing economy on campus and promote textbook recycling. The event will help reduce the cost of textbooks for students by allowing them to swap titles and decrease the number of books the library needs to order to ensure each student has the proper learning materials.

The book exchange uses a color coded system to ensure the texts are handled properly. Students use colored not posted on a white board to sell, rent, lend, or donate textbooks. Students write the title of the book, and their name and contact information on the note with the price they are willing to sell or rent.

Owners of the books set the conditions for sale, rent, or lending. Donated books may be given to the AUPP Library and placed in the “Reserved” section for use by all students. The books may also be placed under the name of a recipient.

AUPP’s Student Government is hoping to help save students money on textbook costs, and save some trees in the process.

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