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Studying at AUPP has been an eye-opening experience for me

1. Short Description of yourself and your achievement. 

Hi, Hangkun Chea, I am currently a sophomore, majoring in Bachelor of Science in Business with the American University of Phnom Penh. I am also enrolling in the dual degree program with the University of Arizona, Eller College of Management, studying for the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. My first ever achievement at AUPP would be when I receive a merit scholarship after taking the university entrance exam. My second achievement was when I got into AUPP Business Club and became a student mentor afterwards. Another one of my achievements was when I got elected to the Student Government at AUPP as a sophomore representative. I was also given the opportunity to become a tutor at AUPP Learning Center, tutoring my fellow peers. As for my career achievement, I got accepted into AUPP’s Marketing & Communications Department as a Marketing Assistant. My biggest achievement so far was winning the 2nd best performing team award when I was in SmartEdu’s University Student Development Program. 

2. Why did you choose (your major) as your major? 

After the Khmer Rouge, most Cambodians started their new lives as farmers. However, my grandparents started their new journey as businesspeople. They started off by trading what little money they had to purchase goods from farmers then resold them for a higher price. Soon, they would venture through various sectors in the business economy. Two generations later, I was lucky enough to be born into a family full of businesspeople. My parents now own three clothing stores and have been able to maintain a comfortable life for my siblings and I with just their local business. Now I am studying the Bachelor of Science in Business at AUPP because I wanted to continue the family legacy. Although I am not looking forward to taking over my family business, I do hope to start my own business in the culinary sector. Thus, I can create my own legacy while maintaining the family business legacy at the same time. 

3. Tell us more about your AUPP academic experience.  

Studying at AUPP has been an eye-opening experience for me. Truthfully, the first few weeks at AUPP was pretty difficult as the American style teaching was extremely new to my comprehension. However, through time, I was able to stay accustomed to the universal learning style that AUPP provide. Throughout my two years being here at AUPP, I was able to develop a good bond with my classmates as well as my professors. Having good communications with my professors allowed my classmates and I to not only engage in knowledgeable discussions, but to comprehend the deeper theories in our field of studies. 

4. What is your recommendation/advice for the recent high school graduates who want to choose (your major)?  

Business is a major that contains a lot of contents to study. If business is truly your passion, then try to map out your career path as early as possible so that you won’t be left with uncertainty after graduation. Lastly, in case your business flops in the future, just know that with business as your major, you could work at any company. Therefore, just learn to face your failure and start a new journey with the knowledge you will have gained these 4 years. 

5. How does AUPP help you succeed?  

AUPP offers a lot of opportunity for me outside of my academics. I was able to understand more about the marketing side of businesses by working part time as a student employee in the university’s Marketing and Communications Department. My experience working as a Marketing Assistant at AUPP helps me gain more confidents communicating with others and pushes me to go above and beyond my limits. By studying at AUPP, my success would be inevitable. 

6. Why should new students choose AUPP?  

Here at AUPP, we strive to become the best of the best. However, it is not all just about competitions. Studying is important, but it does not hurt to have fun along the way. These two years that I have been at AUPP, almost every student-led club always has the energy to propose exciting events, fantastic festivals, and many more for the student body to enjoy. I was able to rejuvenate myself by the dazzling dances, the marvelous music, and the glamorous games that the student clubs have created.

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