Student Government

AUPP’s Student Government plays a vital role in representing the voice and support of  AUPP’s student body. The Student Government helps share the students’ interests, ideas, and concerns with AUPP faculty and staff, and are directly involved in the implementation process of school activities. This may include helping to raise funds and organize social events, community projects, student-run parties, and more. Student Government members bring different plans, requests, and feedback to the meetings and a democratic process is utilized to make decisions for possible implementation. Under the supervision of the Director of Student Affairs, the Student Government continues to provide AUPP with impeccable leadership and teamwork skills to help enhance the AUPP experience and advocate for the typical AUPP students.

The AUPP Student Government is a representative-based and modeled loosely after the U.S. Congress, with a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Grade-level Student Representatives and Officers. Student Government roles are voted on by the entire student body. Students who are the members of the Student Government gain first-hand experience in the democratic process, civic responsibility, leadership, problem solving, effective communication, and teamwork. In addition, Student Government members partake in leadership and teamwork building workshops to enhance their capacity to create social change and make AUPP the best environment to grow and develop for the future.

About Us

We, the students of the American University of Phnom Penh (AUPP), desire to have a meaningful influence on our education at AUPP to promote our well-being and to reach our potential, and believe in the power of representative governance, communication and cooperation to help us achieve these goals and beyond. We establish the Student Government of the American University of Phnom Penh by the following Constitution: We care, We help, and We respect each other.

The Purposes of establishing AUPP Student Government are as follow:

  1. Represent, and advocate for the best interests of all AUPP students fairly (collectively called “the Student Body”) before alumni, faculty members, staff members, administrators, Board of Trustees and Founders of AUPP, and the AUPP partners (which, including the students themselves, are collectively called the “AUPP Community”), and the public;
  2. Provide reasonable personal and developmental support in the form of informational directories, referrals, counseling, and other appropriate materials or supportive services aimed at promoting students’ well-being and development;
  3. Promote unity and harmony within the Student Body; and
  4. Lead the Student Body by using appropriate means at its disposal to positively influence the Student Body, with knowledge, wisdom and benevolence.

This is the 6th Mandate (2019-2020) Executive Board Members and Representatives:

  1. Executive Committee:
    a) President: Jeriko Feliciano IV Amisola Enriquez
    b) Academic Affairs Officer: Dyna Chriseihareach
    c) Student Affairs Officer: Seng Rothsethamony
    d) Public Affairs Officer: Chap Chanmanith
    e) Treasurer: Chor Chan Vannak
  2. Representatives Council:
    a) EPP Representatives: Thoeurn Sreymean, Sam Teaeiev, and Phann Sopheaktra
    b) Freshman Representatives: Ty Naomy, Meng VanWillia, and Koy Virakboth
    c) Sophomore Representatives: Dy Bosolida, Kim Nguon, and Ros Rithpanha
    d) Junior Representatives: Pich Panharaksmey, Randolfo Rodríguez Leytán, and Chor Chan Vannak

Productive & Motivative Hobbies

We hope you are doing well. It is understandable that social distancing can be stressful and dreadful for some of us, but we need to keep in mind that this period can give us plenty of time to reinvent ourselves physically and mentally. Aside from taking online classes, we can use this time to heal our scars, appreciate our current selves, and do self-reflection. Here are some activities that can help you to stay productive and motivated in the current situation.

  1. Bullet-journal: It is time for you to pour all your emotions and imaginations on a piece of paper or a journal. By writing in bullet-journal, you can track your habits, your emotions, and your to-do list. You can also set your goals and plans for post quarantine.
  2. Meditation: Staying at home can be boring, and it is also the root of your laziness which can cause you loads of stress and guilt at the end of the day. Therefore, you need to center yourself and channeling your inner self. By doing this, you can heal your scars and stabilize mental health dramatically. Just inhale calmness and exhale stress.
  3. Limiting your screen time: It is so easy for you to get carried away with social media’s especially if you’re staying at home all day long. Try limiting your screen time, stop staring on your phone or television and start finding other things to do because time goes by so fast when you’re on your phone. We got a lot of time, might as well appreciate it and do something that benefits us.
  4. Physically express your energy: It is time for you to get out of your bed and start moving your body. You can do a short exercise, you can dance to your favorite music or you imagine yourself on a stage, and start singing. Nothing feels greater than physically expressing your energy.
  5. Catching up with your favorite hobby: We all have been busy in the past few months, and we all have that thing we love to do, but we didn’t have time for it. This is time for you to start doing all those things that you have always wanted to do but never got the chance to do. Those things could be finishing your book, doing art or shooting a video for your YouTube channel. Love can come in many forms, so let’s be active and continue our favorite hobbies.

How to Stay Healthy during Quarantine

Do you think that staying at home during quarantine is quite different from having a day off? Of course, it is. One month has roughly passed and we all have no clue about when the situation goes back to normal. Moreover, the longer you are in one place in your house, the more mental and physical instabilities would arise. Therefore, let us introduce FOUR tips for you to stay healthy during this quarantine.

Students Concerns and Complaints

We, the Student Government of AUPP, hope to see all students are doing well with their studies. Since we are now taking online classes, you might have concerns or have encountered some problems so far. We would like to encourage and welcome everyone to voice their concerns, complaints or suggestions to us through our Facebook page or Instagram chat or if you want to be anonymous, we will provide you the link down below. We are looking forward to hearing from you and we hope that we can make your voice heard and make your university life become more enjoyable and gratifying. Your concerns are our concerns, thank you.

Link to SG complaint form:

Final Exam Tips

We, the Student Government of AUPP, are hoping that everyone is doing well with their online classes. It’s already been over a month since our campus has closed. Our assignments are piling up, our semester will end soon and our final exams are coming in a few weeks. Here are some tips that may help you study for the upcoming final exams.
1. Study smart:
      a. Focus on key points of the subject.
      b. Don’t spend too much time going through every material you used throughout the course because some of them are not essential.
      c. Ask your professor or your peers for help.

2. Talk with your professor:
      a. Visit your professor in their office hours through zoom or other online platforms.
      b. Have a one-to-one meeting with your professor because you can ask them for tips regarding what you should focus on in your course subject.

3. Study with your friends:
      a. Exchange notes and ideas with your friends.
      b. Ask your friends for help.
      c. Teach your friends as we learn most through teaching others.
4. Maintain your well-being:
      a. Take care of your health.
      b. Have enough sleep.
      c. Eat healthy food and on time.

7 tips for Great Presentation

Do you think a presentation is a big deal? Is it something you can avoid after you graduate? Not at all, presentation is everywhere in your life either at school or in the workplace.

Now we are introducing you SEVEN Tips to deliver a great presentation. Let’s take a look at it and make sure to practice with these 7 tips whenever you have to present something. Do not pressure yourself, remember no one is born perfect. Let’s learn together and success altogether.

Online Classes Support

How are you doing today, AUPP folks? How are your online classes so far? Final exams are around the corner. We hope everyone is doing well while working hard to prepare for the exams. It is normal during this time of chaos that some of us feel frustrated and stressed out, but please do not let it bring your hard work and effort down.

Anyway, do you know who to talk to when you are feeling stressed or struggling with your learning experience?

1. Your closest family member
2. Your trusted friends
3. Your closest senior
4. Student Government
5. People at the Student Affairs Office
6. People at the Faculty (Your professors)
7. Your Academic Advisor

Feel free to reach out! We are trying our best to assist, support, and ensure that you enjoy your online
learning experience! We wish you an ocean of lucks for the upcoming exams! Fighting!!!

How to Avoid Procrastination?

Have you ever experienced being a procrastinator? Have you ever chosen to do something else instead of the task that you know you should be doing? Procrastination becomes one of the issues which some students experience and face it every time doing assignment. It’s easy to put all the tasks and delay until the last minute but then you’re forced to pull a stress-induced all-nighter. So we are guiding you to 3 most effective tips on how to overcome procrastination.

Study Habits of the Successful Students

Studying can be difficult, and everyone wants to be successful, to achieve good grades, and to be respected. But to achieve these goals, there are steps to be taken and precautions to be followed. However, nothing is unachievable if you invest your time and energy into it. Here are 6 habits of successful students, which will help you improve your academic performance:

  1. Have a study plan: Study can be stressful, but when you allocate your time correctly, this can benefit not only your study, your time with friends and family but the time you can get to spend relaxing as well. When you have a scheduled plan, you will be mentally prepared to begin studying.
  2. Don’t overcrowd your workload: If you try to study too much at one time, you will tire and will not be effective. Space out your work to shorter periods and take short breaks will restore your mental energy.
  3. Set goals for your study time: Goals will dramatically help you to focus on the task at hand. Be clear about what you want to accomplish because just sitting down to study has little value.
  4. Work on the hard ones first: The harder the assignment the more effort and time are required. So, start with the most difficult assignment since this is when you have the most mental energy to get it done.
  5. Review schoolwork: Weekend is the perfect time to do some reviews. Doing this will help you to be prepared for your Monday morning class and another school week.
  6. Have time for phone calls: It is easy to be interrupted by phone calls or messages from friends or family. Calling for help in the case when having any difficulties is fine (Two heads may be better than one), but the best solution is to turn your cell phone off during study time.

How to Make STRESS Become your FRIEND?

Good morning AUPP. It is Monday again. Time is moving fast and April is going to end in a few days. Remember your health and safety is our main concerns during this quarantine moment. Even though the pandemic has slowed down due more than ten days straight of zero cases, the ministry of health still highly urged stringent vigilance and for people to practice personal hygiene and continue maintaining social isolation all the times.

Today, our student government would like to introduce all of you to a special TED talks video which will be about how to make “STRESS” become your “FRIEND”. According to Kelly McGonigal who is a psychologist, she said that STRESS can make you healthier. When you change your mind about STRESS, then you can change your body’s response to stress. To explain how this works, we would encourage you to visit the link below that links you directly to her video. There are many examples and tests that encourage you to see STRESS in positive way.

Plan for Summer

Hello everyone. Have you attended your Summer class yet? Some of you may have attended yesterday, meanwhile, for some of you, today is the first day of your Summer class. In fact, Summer is the time when we usually have the vibe to unwind and chill, so, it is understandable that some of you may feel uneasy sooner or later and some of you may confront impediments along the course. All things considered, the Student Government would like to offer you some tips and suggestions for you to execute in your everyday practice. These tips and suggestions will make your Summer course experience a lot easier, happier, and healthier.

Congratulation to Graduates

The Student Government would like to send our warmest congratulations to the Class of 2022! We are so proud of everyone and we wish you success in all your future endeavors. Once again, congrats on your well deserved success!

Join us in celebrating our seniors and their accomplishments! Comment down below and mention your seniors and friends!

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