Student Government

AUPP’s Student Government plays a vital role in representing the voice and support of  AUPP’s student body. The Student Government helps share the students’ interests, ideas, and concerns with AUPP faculty and staff, and are directly involved in the implementation process of school activities. This may include helping raise funds and organize social events, community projects, student-run parties, and more. Student Government members bring different plans, requests, and feedback to meetings and a democratic process is used to make decisions for possible implementation. Under the supervision of the Director of Student Affairs, the Student Government continues to provide AUPP with impeccable leadership and teamwork skills to help enhance the AUPP experience and advocate for the typical AUPP student.


The AUPP Student Government is representative-based and modeled loosely after the U.S. Congress, with a President, Vice-President, secretary, treasurer, grade-level student representatives and officers. Student Government roles are voted on by the entire student body. Students who are members of the Student Government gain firsthand experience in the democratic process, civic responsibility, leadership, problem solving, effective communication, and teamwork. In addition, Student Government members partake in Leadership and Teamwork building workshops to enhance their capacity to create social change and make AUPP the best environment to grow and develop for the future.