About Us:

The Student Government of the American University of Phnom Penh (SGA) comprises of twenty-two members who are elected by AUPP student body in the general election in every Spring Semester. The SGA is supervised by AUPP Student Affairs and is composed of the Executive Commission and the Council of Representatives, with a President as the Chief Representative of the students and the Head of the Student Government.  

The Executive Commission comprises of seven executive members (a President, a Vice President, an Executive secretary, a Treasurer and three officers: Academic Affairs, Student Affairs and Public Affairs officer). Our Council of Representatives consist of fifteen elected councilors (with three councilors from each year, including the English Preparatory Program). The SGA works together to serve the best interest of AUPP student body and to carry out our responsibilities with high integrity, respect, and professionalism.   

Our Mission:

The Student Government of the American University of Phnom Penh (SGA) is established with the mission to serve and advocate for the best interest of AUPP students and to represent the student body to the university’s management team, staff, and faculty members to address any issues raised by the student body and to improve academic, while enriching student life.  

Our Values:

We, the Student Government, firmly believes in and adheres to the following values: 

1. Teamwork

We value and respect the contribution of all members in the SGA and the student body. We advocate for team discussions and collaboration to take place in order reach our common goals.  

2. Equality

Equal opportunities to share inputs and to deliver concerns and/or requests from the student body to the student government to be addressed. 

3. Integrity

We strive to deliver our work on behalf of the student body with high integrity and professionalism.

4. Commitment

We are committed to serve the best interest of AUPP student body to improve AUPP community and to enrich students’ life on and off-campus.  

5. Empowerment

We believe in empowering each other in the team and the student body to bring unity and harmony to our AUPP community.