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About Us:

We are the Student Government Association (SGA) of the American University of Phnom Penh (AUPP). We are elected to our positions by students in a general election every Spring Semester and supervised by Student Affairs. Our mission is to serve the best interests of AUPP’s student body and to uphold our values.

SGA consists of two branches: the Executive Commission and the Council of Representatives. The Executive Commission is led by the President, the Head of the Student Government. The President is supported by six other executive members: a Vice President, an Executive Secretary, a Treasurer, an Academic Affairs Officer, Student Affairs Officer, and a Public Affairs Officer.

The Council of Representatives has fifteen elected students who represent their years; it also includes the English Preparatory Program. The Council works closely with the Executive Commission to voice the concerns and opinions of students as well as to implement campus initiatives at AUPP.

Our Mission:

The Student Government of the American University of Phnom Penh (SGA) is established with the mission to serve and advocate for the best interest of AUPP students and to represent the student body to the university’s management team, staff, and faculty members to address any issues raised by the student body and to improve academic, while enriching student life.

Our Values:

We, the Student Government, firmly believes in and adheres to the following values:

The 9th Mandate works with key players such Student Affairs, staff members, and student clubs to make positive contributions towards improving the AUPP community.
The 9th Mandate is committed to treating all members of AUPP community with respect. We value every voice, regardless of position.
The 9th Mandate demonstrates this by taking charge of tasks, providing guidance to one another, and accomplishing objectives as a team.
The 9th Mandate will strive to do our best to make informed decisions regarding the student body and ensure students are aware of the actions we take on their behalf.
The 9th Mandate values visionary thinking as we strive to find innovative solutions to the complex problems facing the student body.